You Bet Your Life (Unedited)

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Groucho Marx - You Bet Your Life - Unedited These episodes are unedited. They run for around 60 minutes each. More was recorded than was needed and then the recordings were edited down to the half hour episodes that were broadcast a few weeks later. These were copied from reel to 90 or 60 min cassettes with auto-reverse which missed approx 0.4 of a sec as it turned the cassette. Where it was available, the missing piece from the broadcast version of the episode has been patched in. Sometimes it was during applause or a non-talk portion so nothing significant was missed. When there is a word or partial word missing it's easy to guess the missing word. For completeness the 3 episodes that were already circulating (they're the three in a lower bitrate) have also been included. Has anyone got them in a higher bitrate? (I presume all the 16 & 32kbps files existing on the net are a throwback to when we all had slow internet and filehosts were expensive, but times have moved on now. People, you can stop using 32kbps now!) For completeness the audio from the 1949.12.05/28 video seen elsewhere on this site has also been included. Notes: rec 1949.03.03 / brc 1949.03.16. Seen erroneously listed as rec 1949.03.17. rec 1950.01.05 / brc 1950.01.18. The last few seconds of music was missing where the cassette ran out. The missing piece has been patched in from the broadcast version of the episode. rec 1952.01.xx / brc 1952.01.23. Unknown recording date. Maybe it was recorded 13 days earlier like the 1949/50 episodes but the gap between recording and broadcast for the 1953/54 episodes is longer so it'd be unwise to try and guess. rec 1953.10.31 / brc 1953.12.16. The end was missing (the third couples questions and the $1500 question) so this part has been patched in from the broadcast version, omitting an announcement & a commercial so it'd be as it had been in the unedited version. Also note that for the broadcast version they edited it so the couples appeared in a different order. rec 1953.11.14 / brc 1953.12.30. Two of the second couple's quiz questions are missing. rec 1955.11.xx / brc 1955.12.14. Seen erroneously listed as 1956.07.02. Unknown recording date.

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(5 stars)

The episode from February 3, 1949, "People," has me in stitches. It's great hearing Groucho interrupt George Fenneman with a joke and having him crack up when usually his announcing spots are so professional. I can tell I'm going to have fun checking out the rest of these.


(5 stars)

I can't believe there was a gameshow-style thing this far back! It's actually really funny listening to this 'unedited' version, including things like the mistakes, jokes cut to save time...! It's amazing, 5 stars for posting this amazing collection!!

It's Groucho Marx unedited

(5 stars)

it is as every bit of good as you might expect. Unrehearsed and unedited. If you ever needed a good laugh, you will find it here.


(5 stars)

As a mailman, it is a pure joy to walk on my route and listen to all these great old radio shows...Groucho is the master of improvisation