The Wind in the Willows (version 3)

Read by Adrian Praetzellis

(4.8 stars; 1207 reviews)

The classic story of how Rat, Mole, and the other river-bankers saved Toad from his excesses. This book has it all: excitement, sentiment, destruction of private property (plenty of that), paganism, and a happy ending. The prose is beautiful and occasionally requires the use of a dictionary - I had to look up “asperities.” Written as a children’s story, The Wind in the Willows is enjoyed by many grown-ups who relish Grahame’s ability to evoke the long summer days of childhood. (Summary by Adrian Praetzellis) (6 hr 55 min)


The River Bank 29:30 Read by Adrian Praetzellis
The Open Road 31:28 Read by Adrian Praetzellis
The Wild Wood 31:17 Read by Adrian Praetzellis
Mr. Badger 33:39 Read by Adrian Praetzellis
Dulce Domum 38:23 Read by Adrian Praetzellis
Mr. Toad 33:30 Read by Adrian Praetzellis
The Piper at the Gates of Dawn 28:08 Read by Adrian Praetzellis
Toad's Adventures 33:52 Read by Adrian Praetzellis
Wayfarers All 39:42 Read by Adrian Praetzellis
The Further Adventures of Toad 41:12 Read by Adrian Praetzellis
"Like Summer Tempests Came His Tears" 41:06 Read by Adrian Praetzellis
The Return of Ulysses 33:34 Read by Adrian Praetzellis


Fabulous reading, enjoyable story

(5 stars)

Adrian Praetzellis did a wonderful job of reading this delightful story. His voicing of the characters made it absolutely perfect. I highly recommend anything he reads. The story is very engaging and each character is memorable.

(5 stars)

Adrian Praetzellis, if you aren't already you must go pro! Simply, wow! You blew me away! I can honestly say that I've never enjoyed an audio book narration more. I'll even go so far as to promise prospective listeners that they never have nor ever will find a person more talented than Adrian at giving each individual character a distinctive personality. You know so much about these wonderful creatures because this narrator brings them to life so beautifully. I've just sampled several versions of this book by excellent narrators such as Terry Jones and Derek Jacobi. As wonderful as they are Adrian Praetzellis is in a league of his own. So very happy to have stumbled upon this gem. I'd have happily paid top dollar to add this to my collection and made sure all my friends did too! I shall look for his name. whenever I'm browsing audio books. I feel certain I will buy based simply on his name alone. Higher praise I cannot think to say.


(5 stars)

I only listened to the last three chapters, because I had been reading a print copy and I just could not make myself finish it. I wish I had listened from the beginning. The narration is lovely and the reader does a fabulous job with voices for the different characters - I particularly enjoyed his Toad.

One of the Best Audiobooks

(5 stars)

This novel is a delightful, sometimes mystifying, little tale about four little characters and their big adventures. Anyone who enjoys Winnie-the-Pooh, English humour, or simply lovely and idyllic stories will probably love this book. There is very little to say beyond urging anyone with a sense of fun to read this. The really important point about this particular recording is that it is simply one of the best I have ever heard. This narrator leaves most professionally produced audiobooks behind and accomplishes an incredible feat in making each character come distinctly alive. His singing of the songs is so good, his narration is flawless, and above all, the voices that he gives to the characters are absolutely perfect. Please keep reading, sir!

keep calm and listen to wind in the willows

(5 stars)

I love to listen to this version at bedtime because I think that it is a very soothing book full of feeling! (just so you know, i like Mr.Badger best) ;)


(5 stars)

Beautifully read with superb attention to detail; with regards to the varying accents and mannerisms. Took me back to being a little girl, laying in bed on a Sunday night, giggling at my dad's renditions of Mr. Toad! Thank you to all involved. This was a true pleasure.

Great Reading

(5 stars)

I enjoyed this reading of The Wind in the Willows, especially the different voices used for the characters which were just different enough to tell them apart, as well as putting in the effort to actually sing the songs.

Great book, great reader

(5 stars)

A masterfully written work, read by a masterfully reader. I love the influence of morals in the story, coupled with the reflectiveness of the main characters. I haven't heard any other versions of this audiobook and I'm satisfied enough not to go looking. I love the consistency of unique voices for each animal and I'm certain it would appeal to a younger audience as well (get a small dictionary 😉). Highly recommended for everyone.