Short Science Fiction Collection 054

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(4.3 stars; 34 reviews)

Science fiction is a genre encompassing imaginative works that take place in this world or that of the author’s creation where anything is possible. The only rules are those set forth by the author. The speculative nature of the genre inspires thought and plants seeds that have led to advances in science. The genre can spark an interest in the sciences and is cited as the impetus for the career choice of many scientists. It is a playing field to explore social perspectives, predictions of the future, and engage in adventures unbound into the richness of the human mind. - Summary by Amy Gramour (7 hr 23 min)


1000 Dollars a Plate 14:16 Read by Mike Amato
2BR02B 14:53 Read by Vera Sticker
The Bell Tone 12:36 Read by Luke Sieburg
Beyond Lies the Wub 18:57 Read by Jeff Moon
The Conversation of Eiros and Charmion 19:52 Read by Tony Addison
Don't Shoot 24:48 Read by Mike Amato
Duel on Syrtis 49:11 Read by Chris Hymans
Games 26:31 Read by Tony Addison
The Gravity Business 40:07 Read by Vern Seward
Hall of Mirrors 17:07 Read by Isaiah Barker
I Like Martian Music 16:44 Read by Paul Messingham
Later Than You Think 18:42 Read by Mark Nelson
The Next Logical Step 13:24 Read by thecollie
Pollony Undiverted 23:59 Read by VfkaBT
The Romantic Analogue 28:35 Read by VfkaBT
The Snowball Effect 25:18 Read by Mike Amato
Sweet Tooth 23:23 Read by Mike Amato
Two Weeks in August 13:05 Read by Mike Amato
Up For Renewal 10:21 Read by VfkaBT
Vanishing Point 11:48 Read by Doc Willett
When I Grow Up 19:43 Read by thecollie


A good selection

(4 stars)

Mixed quality of audio reproduction, some great stories and some repeats from the earlier compilations, a good listen