Interviews with Philosophers

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University of Oxford Podcasts


Adrian Moore on Metaphysics 31:56 Read by Adrian Moore and Oliver Lewis
John Broome on Rationality 45:49 Read by John Broome and Oliver Lewis
Nick Bostrom on Global Catastrophic Risk and Simulation Theory 25:08 Read by Nick Bostrom and Oliver Lewis
Julian Savulescu on Applied Ethics and Human Enhancement 37:02 Read by Julian Savulescu and Oliver Lewis
Roger Crisp on Aristotle's Ethics 20:15 Read by Roger Crisp and Oliver Lewis


(5 stars)

A rare privilege in our hectic times to stop and ponder what really us! What the world needs now is people who take the time to think. Ethics are the root of all the actions we fruit.


(5 stars)

It is a true gift to be able to listen to these podcasts

(5 stars)

Sound is not great but the interviews are