The God Delusion Weekend

(2.9 stars; 22 reviews)

University of Oxford Podcasts


A Scientific Hypothesis? 1:29:47 Read by Marianne Talbot
The Strengths and Weaknesses of The God Delusion 1:26:12 Read by Stephen Law
Has Dawkins shown that God is Redundant? 1:08:22 Read by Marianne Talbot
Attacking the God hypothesis in other ways 1:02:15 Read by Stephen Law
The God Delusion: Questions and Answers 1:14:42 Read by Marianne Talbot, Stephen Law and Tom Fisher


(3 stars)

I only give this three stars is because while they say that they are there to critique Dawkins book, they end up spending most of their time putting forth their own philosophies with regard to the existence or non-existence of the judeo-christian God. I did find it very interesting though and would certainly recommend it.


(2 stars)

This lecture just sort of runs in circles and never introduces a relavent arguement to the whole and is just a discussion to discredit another theory.