Alan Turing: Centenary Lectures

(4.1 stars; 5 reviews)

University of Oxford Podcasts


Morphogenesis Then and Now 43:02 Read by Philip Maini
Congruent Worlds: Turing, Lovelace and Babbage 49:09 Read by Doron Swade
What Alan Turing might have discovered 51:06 Read by Stephen Wolfram
Turing in the History of Software 39:12 Read by Cliff jones
Turing in the age of the Internet and the quantum computer 51:10 Read by Samson Abramsky
Decidability: The Entscheidungs problem 45:24 Read by Robin Whitty
Turing and the Public Consciousness: Turing 2.0(12) 22:30 Read by Sue Black
Welcome Address 3:17 Read by Jonathan Bowen


Excellent ! Lovely to hear about the work of Alan Turing ...

(5 stars)