Physics and Philosophy: Arguments, Experiments and a Few Things in Between

(4.5 stars; 110 reviews)

University of Oxford Podcasts


Physics and Philosophy: An Introduction 9:18 Read by Ankita Anirban
From Argument to Experiment 10:10 Read by Christopher Palmer and Ankita Anirban
Space and Time 15:38 Read by Frank Arntzenius and Ankita Anirban
Quantum Paradoxes 13:35 Read by Vlatko Vedral and Ankita Anirban
Parallel Worlds 14:35 Read by David Wallace and Ankita Anirban
Consciousness and Computability 24:40 Read by Roger Penrose and Ankita Anirban


Brilliant and inspiring

(5 stars)

A great dose of modern ideas about philosophy, physics, and life, recorded in very good quality.


(4 stars)

Good interview. Though it does lack variety but it is good on the subject a presents interesting ideas.

(5 stars)

fascinating series, highly recommended for anyone who wants a better understanding of some of these concepts.


(4 stars)

worth listening to get some cool ideas to ponder on...


(5 stars)

This book is great in terms of content and voice.

(4 stars)

Pretty good. Wish there were more interviews though.


(4 stars)

important topics are dissed in this


(5 stars)

Loved the interviewer! Wonderful voice, excellent questions for excellent guests. Would love to find more by you!!