Global Economic Governance Programme

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The Future of International Aid 36:15 Read by Richard Manning
Civil Conflict in the Current Era: New Patterns or Same Old? 1:14:00 Read by Anke Hoeffler, Monica Duffy Toft and Richard Caplan
Fiscal Policy in an Emerging Market Economy 57:26 Read by Andrés Velasco
Governing Climate Change After Copenhagen 25:34 Read by Ngaire Woods, Sir David King and Cameron Hepburn
Laurence Whitehead; Haiti after the Earthquake 18:11 Read by Laurence Whitehead
John Mitchell; NGO's and humanitarian aid 14:53 Read by John Mitchell
Paul Sherlock; Oxfam's response to the Haitian Earthquake 10:55 Read by Paul Sherlock
Ngaire Woods, introduction to the International Community's Response to Haiti 4:15 Read by Ngaire Woods
The International Community's Response to Haiti 48:36 Read by Ngaire Woods, John Mitchell, Paul Sherlock and Laurence Whitehead
The UN's role in Overcoming Development Challenges 37:14 Read by Helen Clark and Ngaire Woods
The post-crisis politics of financial reform: business as usual or new global or… 50:27 Read by Poul Nyrup Rasmussen


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