4 Degrees and Beyond International Climate Conference

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Terra quasi-incognita: beyond the 2 degree line 34:21 Read by John Schellnhuber
4 degrees of global warming: regional patterns and timing 23:24 Read by Richard Betts
Beyond 4 degrees: impacts across the global scale 20:59 Read by Nigel Arnell
4 degrees plus: what might this mean for agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa? 22:24 Read by Philip Thornton
Adapting African food systems to a 4 degree world 17:42 Read by Polly Ericksen
What would happen to barley production in Finland if the global temperature incr… 17:41 Read by Reimund Rotter
4 plus degrees: a drastic reduction in the renewable energy potential of sugarca… 18:30 Read by Rasack Nayamuth
Crop Yield and Adaptation under climate change: implications of warming 21:26 Read by Andrew Challinor
Risk posed to global water availability by a 4 degrees climate change 18:19 Read by Fai Fung
Limits to adaptation: implications of global temperature changes beyond 4º 15:15 Read by Anders Levermann
Tropical forests in a 4º+ world 29:04 Read by Yadvinder Malhi
Changing climate, land use and fire in Amazonia under high warming scenarios 22:05 Read by Wolfgang Cramer
Projections of regional impacts of a 4 degrees global warming of Northeast Brazi… 14:28 Read by Jose Marengo
Sea-level rise and impacts in a 4 degree plus world 29:49 Read by Pier Vellinga
Sea-level rise in a 4 degree world 19:11 Read by Stefan Rahmstorf
Visualising sea-level rise projections for IPCC SRES simulations at 4 degrees or… 17:58 Read by Diogo de Gusmao
Impacts of sea-level rise at 4 degrees and above 19:59 Read by Robert Nicholls
The impacts of sea-level rise on coastal nations with and without mitigation 17:45 Read by Jochen Hinkel
Wildfire in a 4 degrees plus world 19:02 Read by David Karoly
Estimating human population health impacts in a 4 degree world 13:40 Read by Simon Hales
Climate-induced population displacements in a 4 degree plus world 21:06 Read by Francois Gemenne
Social Vulnerability and adaptation possibilities for Vietnam in a 4 degrees plu… 22:05 Read by Pamela McElwee
One two three more: challenges to describing a warmer world 21:36 Read by Leonard Smith
How adaptation decision-making is affected by the potential for 4 degrees and be… 18:03 Read by Mark Stafford-Smith
Nature Conservation in a 4 degrees plus world - a luxury or a necessity? 16:42 Read by Michael Morecroft
The implications of a 4 degrees plus warming for adaptation strategies in the UK 23:12 Read by Lisa Horrocks
Beyond 4 degrees: should we reconsider our options? 20:28 Read by Rob Swart
The role of international transportation sectors in climate stabilization 16:42 Read by Holly Preston
Global emission pathways 27:42 Read by Kevin Anderson
Avoiding a 4+ degree world: A challenge for democracy 12:42 Read by Bertrand Guillaume
What will it take to avoid 2, 3 and 4+ degrees? 20:35 Read by Myles Allen
Greenhouse gas contributions and mitigation potential of agriculture 9:04 Read by Hari Dulal
Introduction to the 4 Degrees and Beyond Conference 10:46 Read by Mark New