Politics and International Relations Podcasts

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Podcasts from the Department of Politics and International relations and its centres.


Constructivism and the Study of Global IR 41:52 Read by Amitav Acharya
Are legal norms distinctive and what do they add to the analysis of political change? 32:09 Read by Martha Finnemore
Constructivism and the Turn to Practice 25:15 Read by Iver Neumann
The Role of Agency in Constructivism 43:13 Read by Kathryn Sikkink
Presentation from Ojeaku Nwabuzo (Runnymede Trust) 13:37 Read by Ojeaku Nwabuzo
The theatrics of life on the estate: a playwrite's view 19:18 Read by Oladipo Agboluaje
Snaps shots from Southwark - What the Research said 24:43 Read by Kathryn Nwajiaku-Dahou
Focus on Southwark: Inter group relations at community level (Camberwell and Bermondsey) 11:25 Read by Ole Jensen
Reporting Results: Same Difference? Nigerian Brits - French Senegalese: What they said? What the research said? 7:19 Read by Kathryn Nwajiaku-Dahou
Black Africans - who are they? 7:58 Read by Lavinia Mitton
Welcome Address to the Same Difference? - Nigerian Brits, French Senegalese: Comparing Integration in the UK and France Conference 33:26 Read by Kathryn Nwajiaku-Dahou
Conclusions: What have we learned? What should be done next? 8:59 Read by Stephen Whitefield
Elites and Societies: Are our rules capable of solving the crisis? Are our societies finding solutions for themselves? 53:36 Read by Donatella della Porta
Crisis in and of Economics 40:28 Read by John Kay
A Crisis of Civilisation? 53:47 Read by Vittorio Hösle
The Current Crisis Through the Lens of History 1:24:37 Read by Timothy Clarke
Introduction to the Volcano symposium 4:19 Read by Stephen Whitefield
Liberalising Illiberal Liberalism 1:03:04 Read by Charles Mills
Colonial toleration and the practise of British state multiculturalism 22:01 Read by Zaki Nahaboo
Liberalism and Historical Injustice 22:06 Read by Jennifer Page
Wollstonecraft as a Care Ethicist? Contemporary Care Ethics and Wollstonecraft's alternatives in 18th Century debate about Women, Virtue and the progress of Civilisation 14:59 Read by Madeline Cronin
Locke, Liberalism, and Disabilities: Towards an 'Ableist Contract' 17:14 Read by Lucas Pinheiro
Why should we accommodate caregivers in workplaces? 20:44 Read by Sara Mrsny
Public opinion and its liberal/anti-liberal critics: A reinterpretation of popular sovereignty in liberal democracy through Lippmann, Schmitt and Dewey 14:15 Read by David Ragazzoni
Freedom of Conscience and the Authority of the State 25:09 Read by François Boucher
Religion in Liberal Thought: the Case of Tocqueville and Humboldt 15:06 Read by Carel Kauffmann
Truth, Evolution and Experiment: A Reconciliation Between Pragmatic Liberalism and Epistemic Democracy 17:54 Read by Felix Gerlsbeck
The Classical and non-Classical Utopias of Liberal Economists: A study of F.A. Hayek, J.M. Keynes, and W.H. Beveridge 19:40 Read by Jason Brock
The Ideology of the Coalition: More Muscular than Liberal? 21:18 Read by Matthew Lakin
Unbinding the Executive: The Challenge to Liberal Legalism 53:45 Read by Jeremy Waldron
Religion and Spirituality in Global Governance 52:30 Read by Christer Jönsson
Quo Vadis Global Governance? Civilizational Challenges Facing the United Nations 49:10 Read by Adam Roberts
Religion, War and Peace 1:09:09 Read by Richard Caplan
Religion, Civilization and Globalization 1:14:40 Read by Rama Mani
Religion, Spirituality and Global Governance : Welcome Comments 20:40 Read by Richard Caplan
The racial crisis of America's civil rights state: Transformation of the State, American Style 45:54 Read by Desmond King
The Decade Ahead: The US Role in the World (2012 Fulbright Lecture) 38:24 Read by Thomas Pickering
Civilising Interventions? Race, War and International Law 32:21 Read by Rob Knox
Marxism in IR and the challenge of Realism 51:09 Read by Andrew Davenport
The Political Economy of Reconstituted Neoliberalism: Reflections on Bolivia and Latin American Neostructuralism 49:30 Read by Jeff Webber
Civilization and the Poetics of Slavery 43:02 Read by Robbie Shilliam
PPE Alumni in Conversation: April 2011 45:17 Read by Nicholas Alexander
Strauss and Esoteric Reading (abridged) 43:45 Read by David Weinstein
Philosophy, Law and Interpretation 48:17 Read by Al P. Martinich
Postgraduate Student and Early Career Panel 1:03:16 Read by Jens Olesen
Deconstruction 58:21 Read by Joshua Foa Dienstag
Feminist Interpretations 1:09:06 Read by Elizabeth Frazer
Contextualist Approaches 1:17:59 Read by Mark Bevir
Hermeneutics 1:30:47 Read by Carsten Dutt
Ideology Between Method and Meaning: The Gateway to the Political 35:55 Read by Michael Freeden
Structural Holes in the Territorial Fabric of the State 1:08:39 Read by Saskia Sassen
Celebrating Gavin Williams: The political economy of development in an industrialising rural area of South India 18:09 Read by Judith Heyer
Celebrating Gavin Williams: The politics of oil and identity in Nigeria: A political economy of ethnic nationalism 18:09 Read by Kathryn Nwajiaku
The Turn: American Foreign Policy 2009 to 2011 - Inaugural Fulbright Lecture in International Relations 55:12 Read by Anne-Marie Slaughter
International Intervention and the Responsibility to Protect 48:02 Read by Neil MacFarlane
Politics in Strange Places Opening Remarks 10:41 Read by Michael Freeden
Celebrations of Democracy and the rise of the Political Festival 38:18 Read by Marc Stears
Telling Stories about Politics; The concept of political narrative and the case of 'Left versus Right' 17:25 Read by George Hoare
Nietzsche, Plato, Dance, Politics: Two interpretations of the relationship between politics and dance 20:25 Read by Dana Mills
Politics around the wine table: The political nature of a symposium in Plato's laws 19:47 Read by Eno Trimcev
Provisional Rights and Past Injustice 1:00:00 Read by Anna Stilz
World trade as the guarantee for perpetual peace? 1:00:00 Read by Liesbet Vanhaute
Kant on race and economic globalization: On just trade and free trade 1:00:00 Read by Pauline Kleingeld
Provisional acquisition as 'true acquisition', Kant's argument against colonialism 23:43 Read by Alice Walla
Colonialism in Kant's Political Philosophy 38:33 Read by Howard Williams
Kant's Conceptions of Colonialism, Free Trade, and Cosmopolitical Providence 21:19 Read by Johannes Thumfart
World citizenship and global connections in Enlightenment political thought 24:38 Read by Sankar Muthu
Department of Politics and International Relations: Artist in Residence 2009-10 46:42 Read by Maxim Kantor
CSSJ: Cohen Conference: Closing Comments 25:09 Read by G.A. Cohen
CSSJ: Cohen Conference: Constructivism and Publicity 1:29:34 Read by Andrew Williams
CSSJ: Cohen Conference: Justice, Equality and Incentives 1:07:01 Read by Seana Shiffrin
CSSJ: Cohen Conference: The Ethics of Distribution in a Warming Planet 1:08:17 Read by John Roemer
CSSJ: Cohen Conference: Justice as Fairness: Luck Egalitarian, not Rawlsian 1:00:56 Read by Michael Otsuka
CSSJ: Cohen Conference: Money, Work and Body Parts: Cohen on Coercion 59:24 Read by Cecile Fabre
CSSJ: Cohen Conference: Utopophobia 1:07:44 Read by David Estlund
CSSJ: Cohen Conference: Introduction 7:00 Read by David Miller
CSSJ: Cohen Conference: Rawls, Cohen, Mill and the Egalitarian Trilemma 1:13:00 Read by Paula Casal



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