Oxford Abridged Short Talks

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Presentation and Perception on Online Dating Sites 4:11 Read by Joseph Walther and Nicole Ellison
Partner Compatibility and Online Dating Sites 4:37 Read by Bernie Hogan and Erina Lee
Who did Plato (not) love? 12:19 Read by Cressida Ryan
If marriage is a trade, then what price romance? 12:22 Read by Sol Eltis
Not only the lonely: the social implications of the rise of online dating 10:27 Read by Bernie Hogan
Swirls and secrets: the mysteries of Jonathan Swift's love letters 9:48 Read by Abigail Williams
An advert for the lecture series "Love and other things" 0:45 Read by Ed Watkins
Darwin and Friends 16:36 Read by Robin Dunbar
Blood Disorders and Human Malaria 16:13 Read by Sunetra Gupta
Slime Moulds to run the railways? 12:55 Read by Mark Fricker
Success of the Smelliest - Sexual attraction and pheromones 12:35 Read by Tristram Wyatt