Epidemics and Vaccines

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University of Oxford Podcasts


Emerging Infectious Diseases 6:12 Read by Peter Horby
Virus entry 4:56 Read by Sergi Padilla-Parra
Tuberculous meningitis 7:49:00 Read by Guy Thwaites
Structural biology and vaccines 7:56 Read by Dave Stuart
Viruses, how to be the perfect host 4:34 Read by Paul Klenerman
Hepatitis C vaccine 5:08 Read by Ellie Barnes
Universal Flu Vaccine 6:37 Read by Richard Antrobus
Viral vectored vaccine development 3:58 Read by Sarah Gilbert
Tuberculosis 3:54 Read by Helen McShane
Can we eradicate Tuberculosis? 5:34 Read by Helen Fletcher
How the immune system detects flu virus 7:32 Read by Jan Rehwinkel
Diagnosis, Treatment and Disease Epidemiology - The Trefoil Knot 25:43 Read by Piero Olliaro