Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict

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Manipulation and Independence in Humanitarian Action: Ethical Challenges in Rece… 38:07 Read by Antonio Donini
The Craft of Humanitarian Work: Reflection, Political Judgment and Strategic Int… 41:40 Read by Greg Johnson
What Works in Protecting Civilians: Lessons from Recent Humanitarian Action 49:00 Read by Urban Reichhold
Negotiating Humanitarian Agreements with Everybody: Geneva Call's Experience wit… 49:49 Read by Elisabeth Decrey-Warner
Negotiating Space: Redefining Civilian-Military Roles During Complex Crises (par… 11:59 Read by Marcia Byrom Hartwell
Preventative War 50:44 Read by Deen Chatterjee, David Rodin and Cheyney Ryan
The Ethics of Humanitarian Accountability 58:44 Read by Alice Obrecht, Phillip Tamminga and Hugo Slim
Influence Operations and Psyops: Information Warfare in the 21st Century 38:10 Read by Bob Seeley
Liberalism and State Violence: Reflections on the Liberal Way of War 54:34 Read by Alan Cromartie and Robert Johnson
The 'Arab Spring' and Future Humanitarian Challenges 52:13 Read by Yves Daccord
Where to Now for Just War Theory? 1:00:21 Read by Hugo Slim, Jeff McMahan and Janina Dill
Critical Voices on the Responsibility to Protect 53:52 Read by Aidan Hehir, Ann-Christin Raschdorf and Jennifer Welsh
Torture and Human Dignity 1:12:05 Read by David Lubin, David Rodin, Jeremy Waldron and Henry Shue
The End of the Anglo-Saxon Era: Australia's Defence in the Asian Century 46:18 Read by Hugh White
International Order and Violent Extremism: Lessons from Sri Lanka 54:10 Read by Sir Adam Roberts
'Maritime Security in the Indian Ocean' and 'A New Era: The Iranian Navy, Strate… 1:06:34 Read by Keith Winstanley, Tracy Vincent and Jan Lemnitzer
Imagining NATO: Past and Present Futures for the Western Alliance 38:20 Read by Kristian Søby Kristensen
One War at a Time: Britain, the War of 1812 and the Defeat of Napoleon 51:33 Read by Andrew Lambert
The Kosova Liberation Army - a Living Inheritance? 35:24 Read by James Pettifer
Taking Soldiers Seriously 1:01:00 Read by Cheyney Ryan
The ICC at 10 53:16 Read by Jennifer Welsh, David Rodin, Dapo Akande and Janina Dill
Religion in War and Peace 41:46 Read by Nigel Biggar, Tony Coady, Rama Mani and Jennifer Welsh
Delegation of Powers and Authority in International Criminal Law 40:11 Read by Shlomit Wallerstein
Intervention in Libya: A Humanitarian Success? 58:05 Read by Alan Kuperman
Iran's Nuclear Programme and International Law 37:29 Read by Daniel Joyner
UN Conflict Management in East Timor 58:14 Read by Olav Ofstad and Jennifer Welsh
Gendering Counterinsurgency 43:20 Read by Laleh Khalili
Living With the Enemy: The Ethics of Belligerent Military Occupation 59:33 Read by Cecile Fabre
Targeted Killing: Exploring its Legality, Morality and Effectiveness 40:06 Read by Amos Guiora and Jeremy Waldon
Targeted Killing in War and Peace: A Philosophical Analysis 42:13 Read by Fernando Teson
Ending Wars in a Wilsonian World: Sovereignty at the Paris Peace Conference of 1… 42:24 Read by Leonard Smith
Humanitarian Ethics in Armed Conflict: Aid Agency Dilemmas and Responsibility 48:50 Read by Hugo Slim
Permissible Preventive Cyberwar 42:28 Read by George Lucas
Rights, Liability, and the Moral Equality of Combatants 39:08 Read by Uwe Steinhoff
Does War Have a Meaning? 42:22 Read by Michael Boylan
The Shadow of the ICC: Positive Complementarity and the Situation in Kenya 35:32 Read by Chandra Sriram
Strategy for Action: Using Force Wisely in the 21st Century 41:31 Read by Steve Jermy
None of Us Were Like This Before: American Soldiers and Torture 45:00 Read by Josh Phillips
The Legacy of 9/11 1:00:00 Read by Jennifer Welsh, David Rodin and Dapo Akande
Pre-Emptive Strikes - Israel and Iran 36:48 Read by Tamir Meisels
Migration, Digital Images and the Future of Insurgency 39:48 Read by John Mackinlay
Morality and Law in War 44:41 Read by Seth Lazar
Humanitarianism and History: Rethinking the Neutrality Debate 34:05 Read by Tom Smith and Urvashi Aneja
Intervention in Libya and Implications for European and Transatlantic Defence Co… 44:22 Read by Camille Grand
Intervening to Protect Civilians: Debating the NATO-led mission in Libya 1:01:04 Read by Jennifer Welsh, David Rodin, Dapo Akand and Cheyney Ryan
Targeted Killings: A Modern Strategy of the State (partial) 15:37 Read by William F Owen
Sovereign Equality and Moral Disagreement: Premises of a Pluralist International… 53:25 Read by Brad Roth
Stabilisation, Security and Capacity Building - What the Business Schools and So… 48:36 Read by Duncan Barley
Killing in Humanitarian Wars 37:15 Read by Cecile Fabre
Aiding the Peace in Southern Sudan: A Multi-donor Evaluation of Support to Confl… 45:40 Read by Jon Bennet
Military Ethics as Professional Ethics: The Limits of the Philosophical Approach 53:06 Read by Martin Cook
The Untold War 1:09:03 Read by Nancy Sherman
The Battlefield from Afar: Independently Operating Systems and their Compatibili… 44:24 Read by Markus Wagner
Being Humanitarian: Personal Morality and Political Project in Today's Wars 39:42 Read by Hugo Slim
Contemporary Security Challenges (partial) 13:37 Read by Paul Cornish
Special Responsibilities in World Politics 40:57 Read by Ian Clark and Christian Reus-Smit
A Fighting Chance or Fighting Dirty? Michael Gross meets the Spartans 37:55 Read by Cian O'Driscoll and David Rodin
Invisible War: The United States and The Iraq Sanctions 57:24 Read by Jay Gordan and David Miller
An Extraordinary Humanitarian Intervention - Why We Fight Conference lecture 2 1:25:16 Read by Gerhard Øverland
Just Cause For War: A Contractarian Analysis - Why We Fight Conference lecture 3 1:13:06 Read by Yitzhak Benbaji
Global Injustice and Redistributive Wars - Why We Fight Conference lecture 4 1:30:33 Read by Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen
Cosmopolitanism, Self-Determination and National Self-Defence - Why We Fight Con… 1:31:16 Read by Patrick Emerton
Violence as Victory - Why we Fight Conference Lecture 7 1:29:31 Read by Christopher Kutz
Is War Evil? - Why We fight Conference Lecture 8 1:35:04 Read by Jeff McMahan
Access to a Court and the Security Council: Implications for Normative Hierarchy 37:04 Read by Antonios Tzanakopoulos
Power and Norms: What can the Nobel Peace Prize Accomplish? The Inside Story 38:05 Read by Geir Lundestad
A Strategic Analysis of the First Anglo-Afghan War 1839-42: Lessons for Today 44:58 Read by Adam Finlay
The Wager Lost By Winning: on the 'Triumph' of the Just War Tradition 33:47 Read by Nicholas Rengger
Ethics Under Fire 41:58 Read by David Rodin, Ash Mitchell, Dapo Akande and Henry Shue
Do International Criminal Courts Strengthen Justice on the Ground in Post-Confli… 40:33 Read by Jane Stromseth and Dapo Akande
Intelligence and the Dhofar Insurgency: New Perspectives 37:17 Read by Clive Jones
Kicking Bodies and Damning Souls: The Danger of Harming "Innocent" Individuals W… 41:41 Read by Toni Erskine and Jennifer Welsh
Strategic Shortfall: The Somalia Syndrome and the March to 9/11 45:13 Read by Robert Patman
Why it doesn't matter whether we're at war with al-Qaeda 36:12 Read by Anthony Dworkin
The Mafia and the Mullah: Counternarcotics, Counterinsurgency and Realpolitik in… 52:38 Read by William Park
Empires of Mud: Afghanistan 2001-2010 49:48 Read by Antonio Giustozzi
Understanding the Mind in Peace Negotiations 1:02:41 Read by Jeremy Lack, Susan Greenfield and David Rodin
War Crimes Trials, Solemnity and the Problem of Evil 37:23 Read by Gerry Simpson and Dapo Akande
Punitive War 40:47 Read by Victor Tadros
Strategic thinking for an Age of Austerity 32:09 Read by David Blagden
War and Love: The Role of Special Relationships in the Ethics of War 39:47 Read by Seth Lazar and Dapo Akande
Human Rights, Sovereignty and Military Intervention: A Dialogue with JS Mill 52:09 Read by Michael Doyle
Private Diplomacy, Public Peace: Practical Challenges in Contemporary Peace Nego… 44:01 Read by Martin Griffiths and Hugo Slim
Proportionality and Noncombatant Immunity 52:55 Read by Jeff McMahan, Helen Frowe and Seth Lazar
The "Cultural Heritage of All Mankind": Metaphysics, Ethics, and the Positive La… 50:50 Read by Roger O'Keefe
The Enigma of Article 2(4): Interests and Norms in IR Theory 49:05 Read by Ian Hurd and Alexander Betts
Uncertainty, Lags and Nonlinearity: Challenges to Governance in a Turbulent Worl… 57:47 Read by Thomas Homer-Dixon and Nick Bostrom
The Social Ethics of Believing: Why Practical Ethics Needs Social Moral Epistemo… 58:17 Read by Allen Buchanan
Proportionality and the Laws of War: Conflicting Interpretations 54:33 Read by Thomas Hurka, Henry Shue and David Rodin
Iran-US Nuclear Relations: Overcoming Distrust 44:50 Read by Nicholas Wheeler
How Individual Rights Transformed World Politics 36:53 Read by Christian Reus-Smit
Institutional Responsibility for Private Military Contractors 57:48 Read by Nigel White and Antonios Tzanakopoulos
Ethical Competence and Understanding War in International Relations 43:50 Read by Mervyn Frost and Christopher Bickerton
Indiscriminate Disproportionality: Another Attempt at Rules with Teeth 57:24 Read by Henry Shue
Rebuilding War-Torn States: The Challenge of Post-Conflict Economic Reconstructi… 48:09 Read by Graciana del Castillo
Who Should Intervene? The Agents of Humanitarian Intervention and the Responsibi… 45:51 Read by James Pattison and Seth Lazar


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