Department for Continuing Education Open Day 2012

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University of Oxford Podcasts


The Num8er My5teries 53:01 Read by Marcus du Sautoy
Economics: which way now? 23:14 Read by Martin Ruhs
Henry II and the Twelfth-Century World 53:41 Read by Elizabeth Gemmill
W.B. Yeats and the Ghost Club 37:52 Read by Tara Stubbs
Boulevards, Brushwork and Bugattis : Modern Art and Design in Paris 40:07 Read by Claire O'Mahony
Philosophy in 45 minutes! 46:59 Read by Marianne Talbot
From global credit-crunch to Eurocrisis and double-dip recession: whatever next? 46:57 Read by Jonathan Michie
Shedding light on the dark ages 48:30 Read by Janina Ramirez
Shedding light on the dark ages 48:19 Read by Janina Ramirez