Translational and Clinical

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Biological imaging 7:25 Read by Jens Rittscher
Pharmacogenomics 4:27 Read by Sebastian Nijman
Asthma 7:05:00 Read by Ian Pavord
The Global Health Network 6:26 Read by Trudie Lang
Respiratory Medicine 5:55 Read by Najib Rahman
Development of chemical probes 7:09 Read by Stefan Knapp
Drug Discovery 5:25 Read by Chas Bountra
Clinical Trials in Gastroenterology 4:11 Read by Simon Travis
Proteomics and Biomarkers 8:32 Read by Benedikt Kessler
Membrane proteins and drug development 5:01 Read by Liz Carpenter
SHARP 5:44 Read by Colin Baigent
Wider Statin Use Saves Lives 5:56 Read by Colin Baigent