Latin American Centre

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Latin American Culture and Politics in the 1960s: The View from Buenos Aires 1:21:31 Read by John King, Margaret MacMillan and Leigh Payne
Why the Sandinista Revolution mattered then (and now) 52:23 Read by Valpy FitzGerald
Financial remittances, social remittances, and the state in Latin America 1:19:48 Read by Covadonga Meseguer
Total war: Mexico and Europe, 1914 1:00:13 Read by Alan Knight
Colombia: Peace and history 1:04:07 Read by Malcolm Deas
CAF 2013 Report Presentation by Daniel Ortega: Enhancing Productivity in Latin A… 53:56 Read by Daniel Ortega
Images of the United States in Latin America, 1850-1900 53:55 Read by Nicola Miller and Adam Smith
Writing Rights in Early Latin American Constitutions 49:01 Read by James Melton
Rios Montt Trial 47:50 Read by Roddy Brett
Brazilian Post-Transisitonal Justice 52:02 Read by Par Engstrom
Towards modular regionalism in Latin America? 57:21 Read by Gian Luca Gardini
Democracies and Dictatorships in Latin America: Emergence, Survival, and Fall 44:57 Read by Scott Mainwaring
Social Movements, Law and the Politics of Land Reform: Lessons from Brazil. 53:53 Read by George Meszaros
Challenging Frontiers: On the Making—and Unmaking?—of Latin American Nations (es… 1:02:25 Read by Alan Knight
Civil Society 2.0? How the Internet Changes Politics and the Public Sphere in Cu… 44:42 Read by Bert Hoffmann
Conditional Cash Transfers in Bolivia: Origins, Impact, and Universality 39:39 Read by James McGuire
Poverty, Growth, Structural Change, and Social Inclusion Programs: A Regional An… 42:09 Read by Mario Tello
Guido Di Tella Memorial Lecture 1:23:16 Read by Malcolm Deas
The Political Economy of Remittances in Latin America 1:05:06 Read by Faisal Ahmed, David Doyle, Isabel Ruiz, Diego Sánchez-Ancochea and Timothy Power
The Chilean Coup of 1973, Forty Years On 54:58 Read by Alan Angell, Cath Collins, Scott Mainwaring and Timothy Power
Latin America in a New Global Economic Order: Towards a New Model of Development 1:04:39 Read by Angus Lapsley, L. Enrique García, Timothy Power and Rosemary Foot