Changing Character of War

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5 SOLDIERS – The Body is The Frontline: Choreographing 21st Century War 46:08 Read by Rosie Kay
The Russian-Ukrainian War: Challenges for Military Policy in the Baltic State 48:42 Read by Deividas Slekys
Fighting to the End: The Strategic Culture of the Pakistan Army 58:17 Read by C Christine Fair
How to Educate a General 58:02 Read by Randall Wakelam
Current Progress in Afghanistan 47:32 Read by Rupert Jones
The Perception of Victory: Israel’s Recent Experiences of Winning and Losing th… 49:53 Read by Tim Fawdry-Jeffries
Enemy Within: Underlying Flaws in Policy-Making on Afghanistan 54:18 Read by Matt Waldman
How the Syrian Regime Sells its War at Home 46:23 Read by Stephen Starr
Child Soldiers: Protected Beyond Gender? An International Criminal Law Perspecti… 41:29 Read by Patricia Sellers
The Prosecution of Rape in Wartime: Evidence from 1950s Kenya 37:41 Read by Julianne Weis
Remembering War 43:35 Read by Cecile Fabre
Generals, Politicians and Mandarins: the Malfunctioning Political-Military Relat… 37:20 Read by James de Waal
Post-COIN : The Future of Conventional Warfare 47:11 Read by Alexandre Vautravers
Searching for Reflective Armed Forces: A Lithuanian Civil-Military Relations Per… 35:49 Read by Deividas Slekys
An Uncommon Point of View: Military Diplomacy in an Active Theatre 46:29 Read by Matthew Overton
Religious and Nationalist Motivations in Insurgency: Evidence from the Caucasus 45:44 Read by Monica Toft
Planning Future War 51:27 Read by Rob Johnson
Hassan Rohani's Strategy to Avoid War 38:56 Read by Thomas Flichy de la Neuville
The Morality of Private War 47:27 Read by James Pattison
Men at War: What Fiction Tells Us About War 54:23 Read by Christopher Coker
'New Wars' and the Horn of Africa 45:30 Read by Peter Woodward
War Crimes, Character, and Responsibility 34:35 Read by Jessica Wolfendale
"Europe Nothing Left to Die for?" NATO's European Allies, Military Capabilities … 56:43 Read by Janne Matlary
Insurgencies: The Challenges of Intervention 47:55 Read by Beatrice Heuser
How to Clear a Room: Towards a Sociology of Contemporary Urban Combat 55:51 Read by Anthony King
Revolution and Jihad in North Africa and the Sahel 44:37 Read by Jean-Pierre Filiu
Exit Strategies and State Building 45:50 Read by Richard Caplan
Political-Military Strategy-Making in Regional Command South Afghanistan 42:55 Read by Todd Greentree
Legitimate Targets? The Partial Effectiveness of International Law in US Air War… 42:58 Read by Janina Dill
'Careful What you Wish For': Peace, Military Literacy, and the Future of the Use… 53:07 Read by Ivan Arreguin-Toft
Private Maritime Security and the Introduction of an International Regulatory St… 40:49 Read by Peter Cook


Misleading title

(2 stars)

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