Power Structuralism in Ancient Ontologies

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Two Concepts of Emergence 54:20 Read by Tim O'Connor
Processes and Powers 57:20 Read by John Dupré
Powers: Necessity and Neighbourhoods 48:46 Read by Neil Williams
Causal Production as Interaction: a Causal Account of Persistence and Grounding 55:44 Read by Rögnvaldur Ingthorsson
Doing Away With Dispositions: Towards a Law-Based Account of Modality in Science 50:06 Read by Stephen French
Quidditism and Modal Methodology 57:31 Read by Alastair Wilson
The Fundamentality of the Familiar 45:52 Read by Nick Jones
Aristotle's Dynamics in Physics VII 5: the Importance of Being Conditional 56:28 Read by Henry Mendell
Aristotle on the Happiness of the City 39:15 Read by Don Morison
Pluralism and Determinism 47:31 Read by Thomas Sattig
Inclination and the Modality of Dispositions 53:19 Read by Mark Sinclair
Can We Make Sense of Metaphysical Knowledge? 1:05:16 Read by Claudine Tiercelin
Stilpo of Megara and the Uses of Argument 44:40 Read by Nick Denyer
Marcus Aurelius' Meditations: How Stoic are They? 57:26 Read by Christopher GIll
Moral Development and Self-Knowledge in Aristotle 48:19 Read by Steve Makin
Freedom and Responsibility Revisited 42:59 Read by Richard Sorabji
Collective Agency and Knowledge of Others' Minds 57:50 Read by Stephen Butterfill
Aristotle on Singular Thought 40:55 Read by Mika Perala
Multimodal Perception and the Distinction Between the Senses 46:48 Read by Louise Richardson
Common Sense and Metaperception 50:58 Read by Jerome Dokic
The Causal Power of Structure and the Role of Intellect 44:12 Read by Howard Robinson
Aristotle on the Problem of Common Sensibles 51:53 Read by Anna Marmodoro
The Persistence of Animate Organisms 1:00:32 Read by Rory Madden
Freedom and Responsibility Revisited 1:11:54 Read by Richard Sorabji
Causes, Powers and Structures in a Factored Process Ontology: Solutions and Lacu… 1:11:33 Read by Peter Simons
There are Mechanisms, and Then There are Mechanisms 46:08 Read by Nancy Cartwright
Cartesian Transubstantiation 52:40 Read by John Heil
Powers, Functions and Parts: the Stoics (and Others) on the Nature of the Passio… 58:39 Read by Jim Hankinson
Aristotelian v. Contemporary Perspectives on Relations 45:39 Read by Jeffrey E Brower
Structure and Quality 47:19 Read by Galen Strawson
Freedom and Indifference in Marcus Aurelius 45:03 Read by John Sellars
Marcus on Becoming Whole 1:03:06 Read by Michael Griffin
Religious Debate and Religious Competition in the Age of Marcus Aurelius 52:19 Read by Mark Edwards
Marcus Aurelius' Meditations - Is there a Core Project? 54:00 Read by Christopher GIll
Empedocles' Dynamic, Changeless World 47:28 Read by Anna Marmodoro
Powers in the cosmic cycle 41:42 Read by Oliver Primavesi
Empedoclean Superorganisms 38:11 Read by David Sedley
Which Things have Divine Names in Empedocles and Why? 57:37 Read by Catherine Rowett
Elemental Change in Empedocles 59:38 Read by John Palmer
Thinking Structure 57:18 Read by Patricia Curd
The Metaphysics of Rovelli's Relational Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics 39:30 Read by Mauro Dorato
Causal Relations 36:29 Read by John Heil
External Relations, Causal Coincidence and Contingency 42:10 Read by Peter Simons
Relations All The Way Down? 51:58 Read by Stephen Mumford
Positionalism Revisited 1:03:45 Read by Maureen Donnelly
There Are (Probably) No Relations 52:55 Read by Jonathan Lowe
Galen and the Ontology of Powers 1:04:06 Read by Jim Hankinson
Immanent Intelligence and the Natural Faculties in Galen 53:43 Read by Brooke Holmes
On Weakness/Strength and Sickness/Health in Ancient Daoist Philosophy 39:33 Read by Hans-Georg Moeller
Causing Health and Disease: Medical Powers in Classical and Late Antiquity 51:43 Read by Philip van der Ejik
A Determinable-based Account of Metaphysical Indeterminacy 47:58 Read by Jessica Wilson
A Platonic Theory of Truthmaking 46:47 Read by Scott Berman
Objective and Subjective Powers and Dispositions 56:13 Read by Max Kistler
Limitations of Power 59:09 Read by Alexander Bird
Mutual Manifestations and Martin's Two Triangles 49:19 Read by Stephen Mumford
Identity, Individuality and Discernibility 1:00:41 Read by James Ladyman
Relational vs. Constituent Ontologies 49:20 Read by Peter Van Inwagen
Is causation a relation? 1:07:34 Read by Jonathan Jacobs