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The fight for women's rights: learning from success 1:13:25 Read by Helena Kennedy
Capital failure - restoring trust in the financial system 1:09:08 Read by David Vines
Oxford and the next-generation of mobile health 1:14:43 Read by David Clifton
The butterfly defect: how globalization creates systemic risks, and what to do a… 59:50 Read by Ian Goldin
Is the Planet Full? 55:43 Read by Charles Godfray, Ian Goldin, Sarah Harper, Toby Ord and Yadvinder Malhi
Well fed? The health and environmental implications of our food choices 1:26:38 Read by Mike Rayner, Susan Jebb and Tara Garnett
World population and human capital in the 21st century 1:25:42 Read by Andrew Dilnot, David Coleman, Francesco Billari, Sarah Harper and Wolfgang Lutz
Eradicating Hepatitis C and HIV: progress and challenges for the next ten years 1:26:03 Read by Ellie Barnes and John Frater
New strategies for disease prevention and management from infancy to old age 1:08:12 Read by Kazem Rahimi and Terry Dwyer
Why do we need to reconstruct drug discovery? 1:27:52 Read by Chas Bountra and Javier Lezaun
Strategies for vaccines for the 21st century 1:16:37 Read by Susan Lea, Christoph Tang, Jeffrey Almond and Ian Feavers
Superintelligence: paths, dangers, strategies 1:11:53 Read by Nick Bostrom
Science and the future: Death - nothing more certain? - Oxford Literary Festival 1:06:56 Read by Donna Dickenson, Adam Rutherford, Anders Sandberg, Georgina Ferry, Frances Ashcroft and Paul Fairchild
Innovation or stagnation - Oxford Union Debate 48:55 Read by Ian Goldin, Peter Thiel, Seung-yoon Lee, Mark Shuttleworth, Kenneth Rogoff and Garry Kasparov
The Transformation of Humankind 1:11:02 Read by Andrew Hamilton, Ian Goldin and James Marrow
The Future of Energy and Transport 1:26:18 Read by Elon Musk
Ethics and infectious disease - navigating the moral maze of pandemic control 47:25 Read by Paul Klenerman and Bennertt Foddy
Ethics and plant science - improving food yields in a changing environment 46:11 Read by Liam Dolan, Jane Langdale and Julian Savulescu
Resource stewardship - can we develop a new common sense morality? 54:59 Read by Myles Allen and Ian Goldin
Killing with computers - the ethics of autonomous and remote controlled weapon 1:06:22 Read by Alex Leveringhaus, Dapo Akande and Bennett Foddy
Reviving the Spirit of Innovation 1:00:00 Read by Gary Kasparov and Ian Goldin
Pandemics - Can we eliminate major worldwide epidemics? 55:31 Read by Larry Brilliant
Doing capitalism in the innovation economy 48:23 Read by William H Janeway
Hybrid reality: the emerging human-technology co-evolution 42:35 Read by Parag Khanna, Ayesha Khanna and Ian Goldin
Catastrophic dehumanization 48:28 Read by Thomas Homer-Dixon
Can Globalization work for the Poor? 55:28 Read by Alex Gennie, Ian Goldin, Rushanara Ali, James Drummond and Nick Gowing
The War and Peace of the Nuclear Age 1:40:14 Read by James Martin
Global governance, local governments 44:00 Read by Pascal Lamy, Ian Goldin and Lord Patten of Barnes
The price of civilization 1:40:03 Read by Jeff Sachs
A Global Community Search for Evidence of Extraterrestrial Technologies 37:32 Read by Jill Tarter
Rethinking Geoengineering and the Meaning of the Climate Crisis 55:52 Read by Clive Hamilton
Who speaks for climate? 53:53 Read by Maxwell T. Boykoff
A new capitalism for a big society 38:16 Read by Matthew Bishop and Michael Green
Assessing the economic rise of China and India 29:45 Read by Pranab Bardhan
Dealing with The New Normal: Resilience in systems that must cope with uncertain… 45:49 Read by Patricia Hirl Longstaff
Integrating Technology, Science, Law, Economics, and Politics: Development of Pr… 51:56 Read by Kenneth Richards
Working with the crowd : 21st century citizen science 1:01:33 Read by Chris Lintott
Climate Shocks: Turning Crisis into Opportunity 58:39 Read by Thomas Homer-Dixon
Climate change and marine ecosystems: have dangerous changes already begun? 56:26 Read by Ove Hoegh-Guldberg
The Plundered Planet 1:03:00 Read by Paul Collier, Charles Badenoch, Jamie Drummond and Gideon Rachman
A Panel Discussion with George Soros 1:53:10 Read by Paul Beaudry, Ian Goldin, Roger Goodman, Anatole Kaletsky, David Soskice and George Soros
Geoengineering the climate 58:54 Read by John Shepherd
The End of Business as Usual 44:22 Read by Mohamed El-Erian
Dealing with doctrines: time to outlaw nuclear weapon use? 40:00 Read by Rebecca Johnson
Repairing Economic Governance 1:11:45 Read by Jeffrey Sachs
Blueprint for a Safer Planet 53:52 Read by Nicholas Stern
Ian Goldin at University of Cape Town 44:21 Read by Ian Goldin
21st Century Challenges: Humanity at the Crossroads? 45:00 Read by Ian Goldin
What is Science for? 57:38 Read by John Sulston, John Harris and Richard Dawkins
Stiglitz on Credit Crunch - Global Financial Debacle: Meeting the Challenges of … 45:00 Read by Joseph Stiglitz
Target Earth: The Grand Scale Problems of the 21st Century 1:08:32 Read by James Martin
Freedom from Oil 42:52 Read by David Sandalow
The Bottom Billion 41:42 Read by Paul Collier
Craig Venter on Genomics: From humans to the environment 1:07:02 Read by J Craig Venter
Economics of Climate Change 1:00:34 Read by Nicholas Stern


Derivitive works which burry the lead, then discover obviousness

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