Centre for Evidence Based Medicine

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Managing large scale international clinical trials 33:21 Read by Barbara Farrell
Storytelling in diabetes: a mixed-methods study 33:25 Read by Trish Greenhalgh
Research impact: the new jargon for knowledge to action 46:19 Read by Trish Greenhalgh
The Campaign for Real EBM Evidence Based Medicine 49:14 Read by Trish Greenhalgh
From inspiration to publication: bumps along the road (as part of the Postgradua… 48:46 Read by Helen Ashdown
Realist Review: Mixing Method 1:11:02 Read by Janet Harris
Systematic Reviews, the need for change 30:40 Read by Jon Brassey
EBM - What it is, what it isn't, how might you contribute? 51:30 Read by Carl Heneghan
An introduction to Medical Statistics with Carl Heneghan and Rafael Perera 42:04 Read by Carl Heneghan and Rafael Perera
A behavioural perspective of translating evidence to policy and practice 54:49 Read by Susan Michie
How Youtube is being used as a platform to share opinions and experiences of a c… 40:19 Read by Brandon O'Neill
Dr Carl Heneghan and John Balla discuss the evidence relating to diagnostics 39:03 Read by Carl Heneghan and John Balla
MSc in EBHC: Introduction to the Practice of Evidence-Based Health Care 1:49 Read by Annette Pluddermann
A Welcome to the Programme in Evidence-Based Health Care 2:50 Read by Carl Heneghan
An introduction to the Masters in Evidence-Based Health Care 4:49 Read by Sharon Mickan
Know4Go - EBM lecture 49:27 Read by Janet Martin
The Information Revolution 29:18 Read by Sir Muir Gray
The Future of Evidence Based Medicine 29:58 Read by Paul Glasziou
Interpreting Results - Stats in Small Doses 1:15:41 Read by Amanda Burls
Diagnostic Tests 59:18 Read by Carl Heneghan
Appraisal of Clinical Trials 1:01:53 Read by Rafael Perera
Introduction to Evidence Based Medicine 42:42 Read by Paul Glasziou