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Children's Worlds through Children's Literature - Lecture 4 54:06 Read by David Rudd
Global Childhoods - Lecture 3 56:34 Read by Karen Wells
Children and the Internet- Lecture 2 47:09 Read by Sonia Livingstone
Children, War, Insecurity and Conflict - Lecture 1 49:10 Read by Navi Pillay
New Patterns of Innovation: Barclay Lecture 2014 55:32 Read by David Gann
McGovern Lecture 2014: John P McGovern and his Oxford Connection: A Biographer's… 1:01:53 Read by Bryant Boutwell
Do We Face Secular Stagnation? Panel Discussion 1:12:09 Read by Paul Krugman, Lord Adair Turner, Lord Robert Skidelsky, David Watson and Tony Venables
In real life the tortoise loses: Leading an international media business in the … 31:48 Read by Dame Helen Alexander
A spirit of scientific rigour: Koch's postulates and 20th century medicine: GTC … 42:50 Read by Christoph Gradmann
Can kindness save the NHS? 1:08:40 Read by John Ballatt
Cochrane Lecture 2013: Trials In Emergency Care 1:00:53 Read by Ian Roberts
Can stories change the world? Promises and challenges of web-based patient feedb… 1:10:30 Read by James Munro, Malte Ziewitz and Louise Locock
McGovern Lecture 2012: Halving Premature Death 1:08:08 Read by Sir Richard Peto
The Leaders We Need for Healthcare 51:46 Read by Michael Maccoby
Imagination in Management 1:04:28 Read by Olaf Berg
The Doctor-Patient Relationship in Art From Ancient Greece to the Present Day 54:58 Read by Alan Emery
Moral Leadership in Healthcare Organisations 47:12 Read by Suzanne Shale, Murray Anderson-Wallace and Paul Brankin
Patient Experience in a Cold Climate: Putting Patients First at a Time of Recess… 1:40:45 Read by Joanna Foster, Bruce Laurie, Afl Troughton and Karen Luxford
Biting More Than Can Be Chewed: How the US State Became a Prisoner of Its Own Rh… 47:12 Read by Alan Wolfe
The World As I See It 37:16 Read by Shaukat Aziz
Success in Spite of Crisis: The Story of South Korea 45:05 Read by Stein Ringen
Behind the Arab Awakening: Dynamics of Civil Resistance 51:28 Read by Mary Elizabeth King
What Will Happen to African States? 1:07:31 Read by Paul Collier
A body of fluids? Physiology in pre-modern western medicine 1:07:24 Read by Helen King
Health economics in the policy fray: insights from US healthcare reform 44:34 Read by Richard G Frank
A bit of time travel: Social change for adolescents in the UK since the 1970s an… 47:08 Read by Ann Hagell
Lowering Cholesterol Significantly: Archie Cochrane Lecture 2011 59:02 Read by Colin Baigent
In Defence of Management 47:37 Read by Barbara Czarniawska
Living with the Coalition - 2 Schools 36:28 Read by Chris Husbands
How will the new coalition government affect Universities in the UK? 40:19 Read by David Eastwood
Living with the Coalition - The Health System 44:40 Read by Sir John Tooke
Towards a new professionalism - the changing face of medicine in the UK 1:14:06 Read by Niall Dickson
Empowering Theories in Management Studies 40:00 Read by Pasquale Gagliardi
Trusting the News 43:00 Read by Stephen Coleman
What's all the fuss about? When individual risks meet policy uncertainties in he… 54:00 Read by David Spiegelhalter
Patient experience - how can we do better? 40:00 Read by Cynthia Bower
Is there a healthy future for Big Pharma? 47:27 Read by John Patterson and Sophia Tickell
A Pharma perspective on healthcare needs and innovation in drug discovery 57:58 Read by Patrick Vallance and Philip Bloomer
Pharmaceutical Companies, Government and Society 37:08 Read by Sir Michael Rawlins
Pharmaceutical Industry: Origin and Evolution 55:48 Read by Tilli Tansey
A Myologist in the House 44:03 Read by Lord Walton of Detchant