Chemistry for the Future: Human Health

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How can eating chocolate teach us about chemistry? Celebrating the Year of Cryst… 2:02 Read by Chris Schofield, Richard Cooper and Charlotte Richards
Can we starve tumours? Oxford Chemistry joins Cancer Research UK in the fight fo… 2:16 Read by Chris Schofield and Charlotte Richards
Introduction: How Chemistry Research Impacts Human Health 2:27 Read by Emily Flashman
Epigenetics and New Anti-Cancer Treatments 8:36 Read by Cyrille Thinnes
3D Printing and The Structure of Proteins 9:14 Read by Rok Sekirnik
Synthesizing Anti-Cancer Drugs from Nature 7:29 Read by Chris Jones
Lasers, Cell Membranes, and the Basis of Life 5:20 Read by Mark Wallace and Matt Baker
Practical Uses of NMR: Exploring Enzymes to Fight Disease 4:51 Read by Ivanhoe Leung
Conclusion: How Chemistry Research Impacts Human Health 2:29 Read by Emily Flashman