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University of Oxford Podcasts


Oxford at Said: A human genome in minutes and what it will mean to you 50:00 Read by Hagan Bayley
Oxford at Said Seminar: Oxford and Oxfam working together on the ethics of war, … 1:08:53 Read by Hugo Slim, Jane Cocking and Alexander Leveringhaus
Oxford at Said Seminar: Neuroscience 56:40 Read by Susan Greenfield, Zam Cader and Laura Suter-Dick
Oxford at Said Seminar: Energy 1:20:21 Read by Nick Eyre, Steven Cowley and Henry Snaith
Oxford at Said Seminar: Drug Discovery 59:32 Read by Vincenzo Libri and Chas Bountra
Oxford at Said: Migration, Life on the Move 1:27:42 Read by Hein de Haas and Carlos Vargas-Silva
Second Sir Douglas Hague Annual Lecture: Professor Raymond Dwek 53:30 Read by Raymond Dwek
Oceans research: News from the "Big Blue" 1:33:22 Read by Ros Rickaby, Martin Speight and Guy Houlsby
The ageing society and its implications 1:17:47 Read by Sarah Harper, Lynne Cox and Julian Savulescu
Feeling stressed? 1:24:07 Read by Sloan Mahone, Ian Brown and John Morris
Emerging Markets in a Nutshell 1:14:54 Read by Dana Brown, Eric Thun and Laurence Whitehead
Complex systems in a Nutshell 1:10:45 Read by Felix Reed-Tsochas, Mark Fricker and Jukka-Pekka Onnela
Inaugural Sir Douglas Hague Lecture: Lord Drayson 26:16 Read by Paul Drayson, Marshall Young and Douglas Hague
Business Taxation in a Nutshell 1:21:16 Read by Stephen Bond, Michael Devereux and Judith Freedman
Corporate Governance unveiled 44:41 Read by Colin Mayer and Paul Davies
Mandelson: Enterprise-led Recovery 24:23 Read by Lord Peter Mandelson
Parties, Campaigns and Representation: The Political Impact of Blogs and Social … 1:08:59 Read by Helen Margetts, Iain Dale, Andrew Rasiej and Matthew McGregor
Social Media, So What? Assessing the Impact of Blogs and Social Media 1:10:13 Read by Sandra Gonzalez-Bailon, Stefan Niggemeier, Evgeny Morozov and Richard Allan
Breaking News: The Changing Relationship Between Blogs and Mainstream Media 1:28:35 Read by David Levy, Richard Sambrook, John Kelly and Jonathan Ford
Making Science Public: Data-sharing, Dissemination and Public Engagement with Sc… 1:08:35 Read by Felix Reed-Tsochas, Maxine Clarke, Ben Goldacre and Cameron Neylon
Understanding cancer: News from the frontline 1:35:15 Read by Jordon Raff, Gillies McKenna and Sir Richard Peto
What can we learn from history about the current financial crisis? 1:26:13 Read by Alan Morrison, Alan Bowman and Christopher McKenna


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