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How to make serious magazine journalism pay 26:24 Read by Bronwen Maddox
Making News for Young Adults? 30:28 Read by Anna Doble
News in the digital age, and how The Economist fits in 39:27 Read by Tom Standage
The battle for authenticity- the future of news, current affairs and documentary 18:12 Read by Kevin Sutcliffe
The spread of news in the age of social media 32:13 Read by Jonathan Bright
New publishing models for a modern world: a legacy brand re-invents itself 30:16 Read by Laurie Benson
Creativity and Change in public service broadcasting - managing the tough times 41:14 Read by Helen Boaden
Environmental journalism and sustainable development in China 31:03 Read by Sam Geall
The Future of Television News 33:54 Read by Richard Sambrook
Innovation in News Media - a look at the latest innovations shaping the future o… 39:38 Read by Juan Seńor
A little piracy can be a good thing: what the press can learn from Hollywood 33:45 Read by Tom Thomson and Grant Gibson
A little piracy can be a good thing: what the press can learn from Hollywood 33:45 Read by Tom Thomson and Grant Gibson
The top five dilemmas of news aggregation 22:55 Read by Andrew Jack
Reporting the Unreported 23:52 Read by Timothy Large
Reporting the Unreported 22:35 Read by Belinda Goldsmith
Silicon Valley and Journalism: Make up or Break up?: Reuters Memorial Lecture 20… 1:04:28 Read by Emily Bell, Tim Gardam, Alun Rusbridger, Vivian Schiller, Madhav Chinnappa and Chris Patten
Snowden and the debate on surveillance versus privacy 25:15 Read by Ewen Macaskill
What are the needs and challenges for data visualisation? - Media Perspective pa… 11:23 Read by Alan Smith
What are the needs and challenges for data visualisation? - Media Perspective pa… 10:25 Read by Claire Miller
What are the needs and challenges for data visualisation? - Civil society perspe… 10:57 Read by Aleks Collingwood
What are the needs and challenges for data visualisation? - Policy/government pe… 13:12 Read by Chris Hemingway
Visual journalism at the BBC - where the web meets TV 34:15 Read by Amanda Farnsworth
How New Media Became Now Media 24:27 Read by Carla Buzasi
Gatekeepers no More: Public Relations gets the better of journalism in the digit… 28:26 Read by John Lloyd
How journalism faces a second wave of disruption from technology and changing au… 46:20 Read by Nic Newman
Data visualisation and the fourth technological revolution? 11:41 Read by Luciano Floridi
Reporting the EU: News, Media and the European Institutions launch event at ECFR 1:02:35 Read by Sara Hobolt, John Lloyd, Cristina Marconi and Hans Kundnani
The Unfinished Media Revolution 32:40 Read by Rasmus Kleis Nielsen
From Pictures to Policy. Reporting Famine and Other Disasters 39:32 Read by Suzanne Franks
Syria – what chance of a free media? 31:23 Read by Armand Hurault
The intelligence agencies and their relations with the media 38:42 Read by Paul Lashmar
Innovation in Legacy Media - The Challenge for Leaders 29:51 Read by Lucy Keung
News in the digital age, and how The Economist fits in 44:41 Read by Tom Standage
Post-humanitarianism: Humanitarian communication beyond a politics of pity 33:30 Read by Lilie Chouliaraki
The FT’s digital strategy 44:29 Read by James Lamont
Could PR be the saviour of Journalism? 28:30 Read by Anne Gregory
How Mobile Phones are changing journalism practice in the 21st Century 34:50 Read by Adrian Hadland
Leaks, Snowden and the Guardian 16:05 Read by Ewen Macaskill
Reporting Pakistan and specialist journalism 22:30 Read by Owen Bennett-Jones
Communicating India's Soft Power: Buddha to Bollywood 43:40 Read by Daya Thusso
The strengths and weaknesses of social media 21:34 Read by Jamie Bartlett
Framing death - how journalists report the death of public figures 31:43 Read by Keith Somerville
Responsible Journalism and National Security in the Age of Big Data part 3 5:03 Read by Michael Parks
Responsible Journalism and National Security in the Age of Big Data part 2 12:52 Read by Iain Mathewson
Responsible Journalism and National Security in the Age of Big Data part 1 4:26 Read by Chris Patten
Responsible Journalism and National Security in the Age of Big Data part 5 6:22 Read by John Micklethwait
Responsible Journalism and National Security in the Age of Big Data part 4 12:03 Read by Sylvie Kauffmann
A global standard for reporting conflict 32:37 Read by Jake Lynch
A life in a treacherous journalistic environment 40:42 Read by Alejandro Quesada
Future media trends and changing audience behaviour 44:28 Read by Nic Newman
Political Journalism in Transition 48:49 Read by Raymond Kuhn, Rasmus Kleis Nielsen and John Lloyd
Moscow is not Russia - reporting Russia's outback 27:12 Read by Ben Judah
The global citizens movement and the role of independent journalists 30:15 Read by David Hoffman
Ten years that shook the media world [2013] 37:47 Read by Rasmus Kleis Nielsen
Moral Maze, Arijit Sen 9:21 Read by Arijit Sen, Jean Seaton, Michael Parks, Paul Taylor, Nick Fraser and John Lloyd
Plenary panel debate: The Future of Journalism 8:15 Read by Mark Thompson, Natalie Nougayrède, Peter Barron, John Stackhouse and Nic Newman
Paying the Piper: Rethinking the Economics of Newspaper Journalism 1:02:54 Read by Mark Thompson, David Levy and John Lloyd
The Future of Journalism - Natalie Nougayrède (Le Monde) 16:49 Read by Natalie Nougayrède
The Future of Journalism - Nic Newman (RISJ Research Associate) 14:28 Read by Nic Newman
The Future of Journalism - John Stackhouse (Editor-in-chief, Globe and Mail, Tor… 16:49 Read by John Stackhouse
The Future of Journalism - Peter Barron (Google) 10:08 Read by Peter Barron
What Obama's Elections Have Taught the Media - and the Rest of Us: RISJ/BBC Butl… 35:38 Read by Larry J Sabato
Making a success of a news start-up 42:42 Read by Hugo Dixon
Verifying social media information in real time: from the UK riots to the Boston… 33:02 Read by Farida Vis
Writing news for young people 39:02 Read by Miranda Green
Reporting the UK to Germany 18:03 Read by John F Jungclaussen
'A walk on the Dark Side': the changing face of corporate communications 41:56 Read by Tim Burt
The challenges of reporting China to the outside world 38:53 Read by Jane Macartney
How Technology can help to Democratise the Media 22:36 Read by Shu Chardhary
Reporting the UK to a French audience 29:34 Read by Sonia Delesalle-Stolper
Open Journalism, Social Media and the England Riots 35:38 Read by Paul Lewis
Legacy media and technology transitions - what went wrong? 30:39 Read by Lucy Küng
Women in Journalism - a new kind of glass ceiling? 30:10 Read by Suzanne Franks
More News is Good News: Democracy and Media in India 1:14:12 Read by Prannoy Roy, John Lloyd, Daya Thussu and Geert Linnebank
New challenges of reporting on government 30:04 Read by Christopher Cook
The war for Leveson's ear 18:25 Read by John Mair
Networked journalism and the age of social discovery [2012] 44:39 Read by Nic Newman
Ten years that Shook the Media World [2012] 37:14 Read by Rasmus Kleis Nielsen
The Media-Industrial Complex: Comparing the influence of Murdoch and Berlusconi? 40:12 Read by Steven Barnett and Benedetta Brevini
Challenges for Media Democratization in Brazil and Latin America 36:22 Read by Carolina Matos
Berlusconismo and Murdochismo 31:33 Read by Bill Emmott
Doing business by making news or making news by doing business? 1:01:31 Read by Elena Raviola
Semantic Polling: The 2010 UK General Election and real-time opinion monitoring 55:34 Read by Nick Anstead
Survival is Success: journalistic online start-ups in Western Europe 27:40 Read by Rasmus Kleis Nielsen
A Million Media Now! The Rise of India on the Global Scene 42:49 Read by Daya Thussu
Numbers are Weapons - A Self Defence Guide 42:12 Read by Tim Harford
The British Media - the view from outside 26:51 Read by Sarah Lyall
The Politicisation of Public Broadcasting in Post-Apartheid South Africa 47:23 Read by Corinna Arndt
Reporting the financial crisis - lessons for the future 51:25 Read by Jane Fuller
Emotions and Journalism: the relationship between practices of emotional story-t… 42:09 Read by Karin Wahl-Jorgensen
Revolution in Libya - what happened and how the media reported it 24:31 Read by Lindsey Hilsum
The rights of journalism and the needs of audiences 1:36:26 Read by Onora O'Neill, Michael Parks, Stephen Abell, Stewart Purvis, David Yelland and Chris Patten
Global Digital Television Switchover: National Differences and Emerging Outcomes 58:17 Read by Michael Starks
The Challenges of Reporting Foreign Policy 37:21 Read by Bridget Kendall
Can TV make history? 18:21 Read by Norma Percy
The Hyper-Real Culture of the Tabloid Newsroom: Personal Experiences of UK Tablo… 39:29 Read by Richard Peppiatt
Challenges to journalists' source protection rights in Europe and Australia 51:09 Read by Katherine Stowell
News in the Digital Age - How The Economist Fits In 43:42 Read by Tom Standage
Foreign Correspondence and Fixers: The Missing Link 36:42 Read by Colleen Murrell
Feeding the Financial Beast: Challenges of Reporting in Rumour Hungry Markets 27:17 Read by Jodie Ginsberg