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Take jellyfish for headaches: language, print and presentation in early 17th-cen… 48:10 Read by Peter Kornicki
The Downward Spiral of Japan's Relations with China since 2012 1:00:53 Read by Taku Tamaki
Schoolgirls, Money and Rebellion in Japan 1:01:51 Read by Sharon Kinsella
Economic Uncertainty and Fertility: Insights from Japan’s Long Recession 48:43 Read by James Raymo
Productive Motherhood: Women's Labour and Japan's Lowest-Low Fertility 39:03 Read by Mary Brinton
The Geography of Ageing and Population Decline in Japan 57:57 Read by Ralph Lützeler
A Comparison of the Determinants of Low Marital Fertility between Japan and Kore… 54:06 Read by Kazuo Yamaguchi
Declining Fertility Rates in Japan and Other Low Fertility Nations: Can We Diagn… 56:00 Read by Leonard Schoppa
The Political Arena of Low Fertility - Comparing Japan and Germany 1:01:20 Read by Axel Klein
Little paid and Overworked: Marriage prospects of low income Japanese men 49:16 Read by Ekaterina Hertog
Nissan Seminar: Population reproduction: a new fertility regime (with remarks on… 59:54 Read by Francesco Billari
Cultural Diversity and the law: From the Perspective of Cultural Policy 1:04:33 Read by Ryu Kojima
Britain and Japan; Reflections on the bilateral relationship 1:04:48 Read by David Warren
Transnational History and Japan 47:14 Read by Sheldon Garon
After Cool Japan: Contemporary Art in the Post-Bubble, Post-Disaster Society 1:09:15 Read by Adrian Favell
Sarin no ato: Tracing the Aftermath of the Tokyo Subway Gassing 47:39 Read by Mark Pendleton
Motivations for marriage and marital (un)happiness: Discourses in Japanese women… 1:04:43 Read by Barbara Holthus
Japan's Immigration Policy, 1999-2008: Discrepancy between Comprehensive Debate … 1:04:06 Read by David Chiavacci
Building up Steam as Consumers: Women, Rice Cookers and the Consumption of Every… 50:44 Read by Helen MacNaughtan
What does the anthropology of Japan tell us about Japan - and about anthropology… 57:47 Read by William Kelly