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Writing The Hobbit: a perilous quest! 26:28 Read by Stuart Lee
New Sappho and new libraries 36:43 Read by Dirk Obbink
Four centuries of Chinese book collecting 31:11 Read by David Helliwell
The Trade in Printed Books: an ingenious innovation that changed the Western Wor… 46:40 Read by Christina Dondi
Abridging Histories: Capt. James Cook and the Voyages of Reading (1784–) 58:41 Read by Michael Suarez
Naming Names: Underwriting Patronage in Tonson’s Cæsar (1712) 54:56 Read by Michael Suarez
Singular Multiples: Comprehending the General Evening Post (1754–86) 1:02:22 Read by Michael Suarez
Proliferating Images: Diagrams of the Slave Ship Brookes (1789) 49:48 Read by Michael Suarez
True Colours: A Natural History of Louis Renard’s Poissons (1719) 54:03 Read by Michael Suarez
Engraved Throughout: Pine's Horace (1733) as a Bibliographical Object 58:28 Read by Michael Suarez
Oxford Figures: 800 Years of the Mathematical Sciences 38:29 Read by Robin Wilson
The Lives of Harold Macmillan and Roy Jenkins 1:00:33 Read by D R Thorpe, John Campbell and Chris Patten
Conscription and Conscientious Objection 33:52 Read by Martin Ceadel
The Problem with Propaganda 22:18 Read by Adrian Gregory
The Meaning of 1914 45:30 Read by Hew Strachan, Margaret MacMillan and Patricia Clavin
Self-publishing in 18th-century Paris and London 43:39 Read by Marie-Claude Felton
How to make your own eyeglasses for about one pound: an Oxford technology create… 31:13 Read by Joshua Silver
Lord Nuffield's Legacy to Oxford 32:43 Read by Eric Sidebottom
Oxford Medical Firsts: Celebrating 800 Years of Oxford Medicine. 33:01 Read by Conrad Keating
Embodying song in Early Modern England 22:16 Read by Katherine Larson and Matthew Faulk
Wolves and Winter: Old Norse Myths and Children's Literature 27:24 Read by Carolyne Larrington
Stoicism and its Legacy 27:23 Read by John Sellars
Once and Future Arthurs - Arthurian Literature for Children 31:31 Read by Anna Caughey
Richard Wagner: 200 Today 34:50 Read by Paul Coones
The Hobbit at the Bodleian: World Book Day 2010 11:43 Read by Judith Priestman
Dr Lawrence Goldman introduces the commemoration, 'Jim Callaghan Remembered' 6:00 Read by Lawrence Goldman
Andrew Smith MP pays tribute to Jim Callaghan 5:40 Read by Andrew Smith
Michael Callaghan remembers his father Jim Callaghan 6:16 Read by Michael Callaghan
Margaret Jay, Baroness Jay of Paddington remembers her father, Jim Callaghan 3:40 Read by Margaret Jay
Lord Owen remembers Jim Callaghan 16:31 Read by David Owen
Lord Morgan remembers Jim Callaghan 22:33 Read by Kenneth Morgan
Lord Donoughue remembers Jim Callaghan 12:21 Read by Bernard Donoughue
Xu Bing: The Kind of Artist I Am 46:24 Read by Xu Bing
Marconi and the Broadcasting Option: Annual Byrne-Bussey Marconi Lecture 23:22 Read by Gabriele Balbi
Roy Strong talks to Brian Sewell Self-portrait as a Young Man 50:19 Read by Brian Sewell and Roy Strong
Image Matching on Printed Images in Bodleian Collections 19:46 Read by Giles Bergel, Andrew Zisserman and Relja Arandjelovic
Dickens' Railways 30:00 Read by Stephen Gill
The Romance of the Middle Ages 30:18 Read by Nicholas Perkins
Jane Austen's Manuscripts Explored 9:31 Read by Kathryn Sutherland
The Watsons: Jane Austen Practising 27:07 Read by Kathryn Sutherland
Wireless Communications during the Titanic Disaster 22:27 Read by Michael Hughes
The Bodleian Library and the Scientific Revolution 28:21 Read by William Poole
Shakespeare and Medieval Romance 28:17 Read by Helen Cooper
The Birth of Romance in England 28:18 Read by Laura Ashe
The Role of Open Access in Maximising The Impact of Biomedical Research 42:00 Read by Sir Mark Walport
Brought to Book: Book History and the Idea of Literature 1:00:57 Read by Paul Eggert
Mary Shelley - Journal of Sorrow 4:26 Read by Nouran Koriem
William Godwin- Letter to Mary Shelley 3:34 Read by Hoare Nairne
Percy Bysshe Shelley - Letter to Mary Shelley 3:23 Read by Henry Cockburn
Percy Bysshe Shelley - Adonais. An Elegy on the Death of John Keats 8:20 Read by Jordan Saxby
Percy Bysshe Shelley - Opening lines of 'The Triumph of Life' 2:02 Read by Hoare Nairne
Percy Bysshe Shelley - Dedication fair copy of 'With a guitar. To Jane' 3:42 Read by Jordan Saxby
Percy Bysshe Shelley - Fair copy of Ode to the West Wind 3:51 Read by Christopher Adams
Percy Bysshe Shelley - Draft of 'Ozymandias' 0:51 Read by Christopher Adams
Mary Shelley (with Percy Bysshe Shelley) - Draft of Frankenstein 4:23 Read by Christopher Adams
Harriet Shelley - Letter to Eliza Westbrook, Shelley and her parents 3:16 Read by Hannah Morrell
Mary Shelley - Letter to Percy Bysshe Shelley 1:38 Read by Nouran Koriem
Percy Bysshe Shelley and Mary Shelley - Joint journal entry 5:05 Read by Henry Cockburn
Percy Bysshe Shelley: Letter to William Godwin 1:30 Read by Henry Cockburn
William Godwin: Memoirs of the Author of a Vindication of the Rights of Woman 8:05 Read by Henry Cockburn
Mary Wollstonecraft Three notes to William Godwin 1:39 Read by Hannah Morrell
Mary Wollstonecraft - A Vindication of the Rights of Woman 3:38 Read by Annabell James
Oxford Literary Festival 2010 Pieces of Places Discussion The Weirdstone of Bris… 49:26 Read by Alan Garner, Mark Edmonds and Robert Powell
Oxford Literary Festival 2010 Pieces of Places - Reading of Alan Garner's Work 49:38 Read by Robert Powell and Alan Garner
Oxford Literary Festival 2010 By Seven Firs and Goldenstone - An account of the … 55:37 Read by Alan Garner
Pre-1500 Printed Books 12:33 Read by Paul Nash
BODcast: P.D. James in conversation with Colin Dexter (short) 4:39 Read by P. D. James and Colin Dexter
BODcast: P.D. James in conversation with Colin Dexter (long) 13:14 Read by P. D. James and Colin Dexter
Magna Carta and Wind In The Willows 2:36 Read by Bodleian Library
Paradise Lost Book One: Milton's ambitions 1:57 Read by Sam Dastor
Paradise Lost Book Four 2:17 Read by Sam Dastor
Paradise Lost Book One: Satan's first speech 2:43 Read by Sam Dastor
Samson Agonistes 2:41 Read by Sam Dastor
Aeropagitica 3:16 Read by Sam Dastor
Magna Carta at Oxford 21:03 Read by Richard Sharpe