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University of Oxford Podcasts


The Avian Genome Explosion 47:51 Read by Tom Gilbert
An Audience with Rufus Norris, Artistic Director of the National Theatre 1:04:54 Read by Rufus Norris and Robin Geffen
Shining Light on Medieval Manuscripts 51:06 Read by Andrew Beeby
Party Games: Coalitions in British Politics 33:45 Read by Angus Hawkins
A Neandertal Perspective on Human Origins 50:51 Read by Svante Paabo
Oralising Early Modern Italian Literature 57:57 Read by Brian Richardson
Under Eastern Eyes: The Raj in Modern Indian Memory 1:01:53 Read by Maria Misra
Boxing Clever, or Just Boxed In?: Developing Metal Complexes for Biological Imag… 59:02 Read by Stephen Faulkner
Mathematics Aspects of the Planet Earth 1:00:34 Read by José Francisco Rodrigues
Material Engagements: From Early Prehistory to Contemporary Art 56:55 Read by Colin Renfrew
Ariosto's Chivalric Romance as a Source of Italian Epic Theory 49:57 Read by Daniel Javitch
Craftsmanship: Connecting the Physical and the Social 52:11 Read by Richard Sennett
Sisterhood and Female Friendship in a Seventeenth Century Miscellany: Constance … 46:57 Read by Helen Hackett
Characterisation of Networks 47:52 Read by Richard Wilson
Delete: Forgetting in the Digital Age 48:21 Read by Viktor Mayer-Schonberger
The Flexible City: overcoming Lock-In and Path-Dependency 50:07 Read by Steve Rayner
Will Africa Harness its New Opportunities? 32:18 Read by Paul Collier
Creativity Lecture 8: Creativity as a neuroscientific mystery 52:38 Read by Margaret Boden
Distributed Creativity in Musical Performance 45:01 Read by Eric F Clarke
Why the Internet won't get you any more friends 1:07:28 Read by Robin Dunbar
The Other Within: An Anthropology of Englishness 48:45 Read by Chris Gosden
Can the West Live with Islam? 58:10 Read by Nigel Biggar, Timothy Winter and Jonathan Phillips
Creating Cyborgs 1:02:35 Read by Kevin Warwick
Creativity Lecture 5: The Neuroscience of Creativity 57:49 Read by Susan Greenfield
Geoengineering: Fantasy or Feasible Future? 58:11 Read by Richard Darton
Creativity Lecture 4: Two Sides of the Creativity Coin - Innovation and Lock-in 56:45 Read by Steve Rayner
Creativity Lecture 3: Creativity - Abduction or Improvisation? 41:09 Read by Tim Ingold
Creativity Lecture 2: Creative Selves, Creative Expression 40:33 Read by Richard Harper
Creativity Lecture 1: Soul Dust - the Science and Art of Consciousness 1:09:10 Read by Nicholas Humphrey
Partial Differential Equations: Origins, Developments and Roles in the Changing … 52:16 Read by Gui-Qiang George Chen
Understanding Creativity 39:47 Read by Chris Gosden
Carbon Dating: The Science of When Things Happen 47:01 Read by Thomas Higham
Delete! 32:54 Read by Viktor Mayer-Schonberger and Helen Margetts
RoboCup 51:11 Read by Steven Cameron
Internet Governance and Regulation: The Future of the Internet - and How to Stop… 1:00:40 Read by Jonathan Zittrain
Interview with Professor Chris Gosden 15:19 Read by Chris Gosden and Megan Price
Societies in Transition: Technology and Transition in the 21st Century 1:01:18 Read by Steve Rayner
Societies in Transition: Becoming Roman in Britain 57:03 Read by Chris Gosden
Showcase: Institute for Science and Civilization 11:52 Read by Steve Rayner


Presentation might be better with visual aides.

(5 stars)

The talks were well researched and intellectually stimulate him