Oxford Transitional Justice Research Seminars

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Monopolizing Global Justice: International Criminal Law as a Challenge to Human … 36:25 Read by Sarah Nouwen
Evaluating Transitional Justice 47:10 Read by Kirsten Ainley
On Bad Terms: Rethinking Reconciliation After Violent Conflict 48:56 Read by James Hughes
Does transitional justice affect democratic institution-building? 34:12 Read by Chandra Sriram
The ICC and 'Non'-Sense Non-State Parties, Non-Interventions and Non-Targets 35:20 Read by Mark Kersten
Unlike Minds: Ideology, Political Violence and Armed Conflict 45:43 Read by Jonathan Leader Maynard
Theorising the Political Apology 29:43 Read by Stephen Winter
Reparations and beyond: the lasting significance of historic injustice 55:39 Read by Daniel Butt
Misunderstood or Misused?: Exploring “Complex Victimhood” at the International C… 46:10 Read by Leila Ullrich
Distant Justice: The Politics of the International Criminal Court in Africa 59:13 Read by Phil Clark
Defending at the The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia: … 41:01 Read by David Josse
Transitional Justice in Transitional Libya 50:08 Read by Michael Gibb
Making sense of past atrocities: Toward methodologies of haunting 54:04 Read by Akin Akinwumi
Measuring criminal accountability for past human rights violation in the South C… 57:22 Read by Lorena Balardini
Peace through international criminal justice 20:13 Read by James Stewart
Of other spaces: Analysing memorials to mass violence through Foucault's notion … 43:11 Read by Susanne Buckley-Zistel
Do bones have politics? Forensic knowledge, human remains and the politics of th… 57:18 Read by Claire Moon
The International Criminal Court and the end of impunity in Kenya 56:37 Read by Lionel Nichols
A critical analysis of involvement and accountability as recounted by individual… 43:15 Read by Mina Rauschenbach
From victims to actors: Participatory approaches to transitional justice in Nepa… 47:04 Read by Simon Robins
Book Launch 'Memory and Transitional Justice in Argentina and Uruguay: Against I… 44:41 Read by Francesca Lessa
Recalibrating the Scales: The Difficult Marriage of Justice and Healing in Afric… 39:57 Read by Gary Geddes
Factfinding Without Facts: The Uncertain Evidentiary Foundations of Internationa… 54:41 Read by Nancy Combs
Crime, Memory and Transitional Justice in Argentina 51:37 Read by Peter Rush
Against Impunity: Challenging Amnesties in the Age of Accountability 47:36 Read by Francesca Lessa
Re-imagining Child Soldiers 50:17 Read by Mark Drumbl
Challenges for Transitional Justice: The View from the Latin American Experience 47:12 Read by Marcie Mersky
Apology, Utopia and Other Catch-22s: Why Criticism of the ICC is Fun, Popular...… 58:17 Read by Darryl Robinson
The Price of Omission: Brazilian Government Reparations to Victims of the Milita… 42:27 Read by Glenda Mezarobba
Who is the Terrorist? Memories, Victims and the Use of Legitimate Violence 43:53 Read by Diego Muro
The Constitutional Accommodation of National Pluralism in Post War Sri Lanka: Th… 38:12 Read by Asanga Weikala
Excesses of Responsibility and the Power of Political Approaches to Accountabili… 34:22 Read by Kirsten Ainley
'Before, During and After:' Artistic Narrative Representations of Peru's Interna… 43:11 Read by Cynthia E Milton
Transitional Justice as an Instrument for Political Struggles in Burundi 37:37 Read by Sandra Rubli
From Condor to MERCOSUR: The Struggle for Accountability for Past Human Rights V… 36:26 Read by Felipe Michelini
Challenges of peace talks and mediation - Does it address the question of justic… 49:19 Read by Betty Bigombe
Victim Participation in International Criminal Proceedings: Are Retributive and … 28:57 Read by Rudina Jasini
Book Launch:From Peace to Shared Political Identities - Exploring pathways in co… 52:24 Read by Francis Cheneval, Sylvie Ramel, Richard Caplan, Alex Jeffrey, Cécile Jouhanneau, Eleanor Pritchard, Eldar Sarajlic and Nenad Stojanovic
Uruguay: Struggles against Impunity and Barriers to Justice for Crimes under Int… 44:18 Read by Francesca Lessa and Christopher Hall
The Politics of International Criminal Law 44:32 Read by Courtenay Griffiths
Book Launch: State Control over Private Military and Security Companies in Armed… 39:48 Read by Hannah Tonkin
The Memory of State Terrorism in the Southern Cone: Argentina, Chile, and Urugua… 1:05:22 Read by Diego Sanchez Ancochea, Leigh Payne, Alejandra Serpente, Francesca Lessa and Vincent Druliolle
Between Collectivism and Individualism 32:37 Read by Dana Mills
Nunca Más: The Politics of Transitional Justice in Argentina and Uruguay, 1983-2… 56:15 Read by Francesca Lessa
Aftermaths: South Africa after Transitional Justice 48:28 Read by Paul Gready
The Role of Physical Evidence from Cambodiaʹs Killing Fields in the Quest for Ju… 25:37 Read by Melanie Klinker
Complementary Knowledges: the Therapeutic and Legal Governance of Memory at the … 29:39 Read by Peter Manning
Legacies of Conflict: Healing Complexes and Moving Forwards in Afghanistan 32:24 Read by Emily Winterbotham
Reparation and Reconciliation in Post-Conflict Bosnia and Serbia: What Role for … 1:06:57 Read by Stephen Parmentier
International Criminal Courts: The Advocate's Perspective 59:21 Read by Sir Geoffrey Nice
Memory in the Aftermath of War: Australian Responses to the Vietnamese Refugee C… 40:46 Read by Nathalie Nguyen
Four Dead in Ohio: The Politics of Public Memory at Kent State 1:03:09 Read by Mark Laffey
Local Justice for genocide? Debating Accountability, Power and Reconciliation in… 1:28:28 Read by Phil Clark, Nicola Palmer, Harry Verhoeven, Astrid Jamar and Travers McLeod
The Consequences of Violent Politics in Zimbabwe: Norton in 2009 41:10 Read by Jocelyn Alexander
Immunities of State Officials, International Crimes and Foreign Domestic Courts 49:59 Read by Dapo Akande
Australia: A Continuing Genocide? 46:24 Read by Damien Short
Norms and Peace-Building in Georgia: Territorial Integrity, Sovereignty, Non-Int… 47:57 Read by Neil MacFarlane
Human Rights Trials in Chile and El Salvador: Post-Transistional Justice 57:06 Read by Cath Collins and Alan Angell
The Special Court for Sierra Leone: An Instrument of External Hegemony? 35:54 Read by Chris Mahony
Crimes Against Humanity: Human rights and Justice in Argentina 27:17 Read by Sergio Torres
A People That Perseveres 42:27 Read by Diane Batchelor
Managing Transition: the National Peace Accord, South Africa, 1991-94 1:26:18 Read by Liz Carmichael
The Legacy of Nuremberg 1:13:07 Read by Benjamin Ferencz
A Truth Commission Goes Abroad: Liberian Transitional Justice in New York 1:25:44 Read by Jonny Steinberg
Uganda Roundtable: Researching the movements of and Ugandan military campaign ag… 1:19:19 Read by Ron Atkinson
Rwanda: "Justice for Whom?" and "Peddling Justice" 1:49:13 Read by Wendy Lambourne and Allison Turner
Transitional Justice and Development 1:15:22 Read by Juan Mendez
Socio-Economic Rights in the South African Constitutional Court: Is the Honeymoo… 1:47:01 Read by Sandra Fredman and Sabine Michalowski
Defending the Damned: The Role of Defence Counsel in International Criminal Case… 37:10 Read by Peter Robinson
Negotiating the Post-conflict State: Land Disputes in Juba, Southern Sudan 44:14 Read by Naseem Badiey
Between armageddon and utpoia; conflict prevention, justice and reconciliation a… 33:55 Read by Rama Mani
Punishment in Transition: Re-thinking the Role of Punishment and Sentencing for … 46:33 Read by Ralph Henham
International Justice: Transitional, Distributive, and Rectificatory 44:19 Read by Daniel Butt
Transitional Justice and the Inter-American Human Rights System 1:00:34 Read by Par Engstrom
Localising Transitional Justice: Establishing the War Crimes Chamber of the Bosn… 50:38 Read by Alex Jeffrey
Debating Transitional Justice in Zimbabwe: Victim-Centred Rhetoric or Reality? 32:32 Read by Janice Winter
Papering Over the Cracks: Reconciliation in Zimbabwe's Unity Government Era 25:02 Read by Blessing-Miles Tendi
Repairing Libya's Past: Where Does the Quest for Compensation End? 34:37 Read by Claudia Gazzini