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University of Oxford Podcasts


DNA replication and Cancer 7:05 Read by Catherine Green
Big Data 6:19 Read by Christopher Yau
Human Genetics 5:55 Read by Peter Donnelly
Psychiatric Genetics 4:28 Read by Jonathan Flint
Specific Language Impairment 4:02 Read by Dianne Newbury
Women's Health 6:32 Read by Krina Zondervan
Obesity and Genetics 8:03 Read by Cecilia Lindgren
Genetic Variation in Inflammation and Immunity 5:16 Read by Julian Knight
Statistical Genetics 7:24 Read by Gil McVean
Chromatin Remodelling 4:57 Read by Erika Mancini
Dyslexia and Genetics 7:05 Read by Silvia Paracchini