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1968 Then and Now 1:00:00 Read by Robert Gildea
Empire and Globalisation: A Cultural Economy of the British World, 1850 to 1914 … 43:59 Read by Andrew Thompson
Contested Spaces in a Global City: The Changing Religious Landscape of Multicult… 46:45 Read by John Eade
The Irish Soldier in India, 1857-1922: The Formation and Negotiation of Stereoty… 22:27 Read by Alexander Bubb
Asian Migration and the 'British World', circa 1850-1914 (Oxford Transnational a… 39:35 Read by Rachel Bright
Transnational Cartography? A Circum-Atlantic Solution to the Niger Problem, 1795… 47:54 Read by David Lambert
Is a History of Humanity Possible? - Oxford Transnational and Global History Sem… 44:30 Read by John Docker and Anne Curthoys
The Location of Homophobia - Oxford Transnational and Global History Seminar 54:51 Read by Rahul Rao
The Power of Speech: Orality, Oaths and Evidence in the British Atlantic World, … 51:50 Read by Miles Ogborn
Europe's Muslim Passions - Oxford Transnational and Global History Seminar 39:57 Read by Faisal Devji
Humanitarian Intervention in Africa: History, Theory, Policy and Practice 47:37 Read by Jennifer Welsh, Bronwen Everill, Josiah Kaplan, Nina Berman, Richard Drayton and Mike Aaronson
The Weird World of Seventies Britain 31:21 Read by Dominic Sandbrook
Votes for Women, Chastity for Men 59:09 Read by Robert Saunders
The Pivot of Empire: The War of the Spanish Succession, Party Politics, and the … 45:51 Read by Steven Pincus
Creating Power: Changing Character of War Program 2010 Annual Lecture 51:57 Read by Lawrence Freedman