Charmides, and Other Poems

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

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This is a volume of poetry by Oscar Wilde, containing some of his rather famous longer poetry in the first part, and a section of sonnets in the second part of the book. - Summary by Carolin (1 hr 38 min)


Charmides, part I 15:53 Read by Tomas Peter
Charmides, part II 20:19 Read by Michael Lucas
Charmides, part III 3:13 Read by Tomas Peter
Requiescat 1:02 Read by Pamela Nagami
San Miniato 1:11 Read by Jude
Rome Unvisited 2:53 Read by Sonia
Humanitad 29:42 Read by NoelBadrian
Louis Napoleon 1:33 Read by Michael Lucas
Endymion 2:03 Read by Sonia
Le Jardin 0:50 Read by Sonia
La Mer 0:50 Read by Sonia
Le Panneau 1:53 Read by Melissa Hoffman
Les Ballons 1:01 Read by Michele McFarland
Canzonet 1:14 Read by Sonia
Le Jardin des Tuileries 1:18 Read by Michele McFarland
Pan 2:02 Read by Sonia
In the Forest 0:46 Read by Jude
Symphony in Yellow 0:51 Read by Jude
Hélas! 1:06 Read by Melissa Hoffman
To Milton 1:07 Read by Pamela Nagami
On the Massacre of the Christians in Bulgaria 1:06 Read by Tomas Peter
Holy Week at Genoa 1:21 Read by Michael Lucas
Urbs Sacra Aeterna 1:07 Read by Sonia
E Tenebris 1:15 Read by NoelBadrian
At Verona 1:02 Read by Sonia
On the Sale by Auction of Keats' Love Letters 1:05 Read by Tomas Peter
The New Remorse 1:14 Read by Tomas Peter