Shakespeare Monologues Collection vol. 13

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

This is the thirteenth collection of monologues from Shakespeare's plays. Our readers have chosen their favourite monologues from Shakespeare's famous comedies, tragedies, and histories, covering a wide range of topics, and emotions. - Summary by Carolin (1 hr 4 min)


Hamlet - Hamlet - 'O all you host of heaven! O earth!' 2:10 Read by Marwa Khalouf
The Taming of the Shrew - Kate - 'Fie, fie! Unknit that threatening unkind brow' 4:48 Read by Tony Addison
Julius Caesar - Brutus - 'Romans, countrymen, and lovers!" 3:12 Read by Ian King
Julius Caesar - Mark Antony - 'Friends, Romans, countrymen' 2:43 Read by Ian King
As You Like It - Rosalind - 'I have been told so of many' 5:41 Read by Tony Addison
The Winter's Tale - Paulina - 'What studied torments, tyrant, hast for me?' 2:26 Read by Tony Addison
Cymbeline - The Queen - 'Weeps she still, sayst thou?' 4:11 Read by John Burlinson (1950-2024)
Romeo and Juliet - Juliet - 'O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou' 1:35 Read by dchen
Richard II - John of Gaunt - 'Methinks I am a prophet new inspir'd' 3:12 Read by Tomas Peter
Henry IV, Part II - King Henry V - 'I know thee not, old man' 2:03 Read by Tomas Peter
Twelfth Night - Viola - 'I left no ring with her' 2:03 Read by Rachel
Much Ado About Nothing - Beatrice - 'What fire is in mine ears?' 1:03 Read by dchen
The Merchant of Venice - Portia - 'You see me, Lord Bassanio, where I stand' 1:45 Read by dchen
The Merchant of Venice - Portia- 'The quality of mercy is not strain'd' 1:30 Read by Lily Marie
Hamlet - Hamlet - 'Look here upon this picture and on this' 2:05 Read by Lily Marie
A Midsummer Night's dream - Oberon - 'Now, until the break of day' 1:29 Read by ltang
Henry V - Chorus - 'O for a Muse of fire, that would ascend' 2:15 Read by Chris Pyle
Troilus & Cressida - Ulysses - 'Troy, yet upon his basis, had been down' 3:51 Read by Chris Pyle
The Taming of the Shrew - Kate - 'The more my wrong' 1:30 Read by rosalinger
Hamlet - Hamlet - 'O, that this too too solid flesh would melt' 2:38 Read by Leanne Yau
Hamlet - Hamlet - 'Now might I do it pat, now he is praying' 2:09 Read by Leanne Yau
Hamlet - Claudius - 'O, my offence is rank, it smells to heaven' 3:01 Read by Leanne Yau
Julius Caesar - Mark Antony - 'If you have tears, prepare to shed them now' 2:31 Read by Ian King
As You Like It - Phebe - 'Think not I love him, though I ask for him' 2:21 Read by Rachel
Henry IV, Part I - Prince Hal - 'I know you all, and will awhile uphold' 2:08 Read by Aja