Scenes in the Life of Harriet Tubman

Read by Sue Anderson

(4.6 stars; 41 reviews)

A portrait of Harriet Tubman is scheduled to replace that of Andrew Jackson on the front of the U.S. $20 bill in 2020. Sarah H. Bradford, who knew Tubman personally, wrote these scenes from Tubman's extraordinary life in 1869. - Summary by Sue Anderson (3 hr 1 min)


Introduction and Preface 14:10 Read by Sue Anderson
The Escape 19:09 Read by Sue Anderson
Joe 25:25 Read by Sue Anderson
The Civil War: Nurse and Scout 15:48 Read by Sue Anderson
Harriet Brings Away Her Parents 21:11 Read by Sue Anderson
Harriet Saves Her Three Brothers 20:52 Read by Sue Anderson
Scenes from Her Early Life 27:23 Read by Sue Anderson
The Fugitive Slave Law and Charles Nalle 26:09 Read by Sue Anderson
Harriet's Charity Embraces Even the Slaveholder 10:55 Read by Sue Anderson


(4 stars)

An inspiring look into an amazing life. should we all live with this kind of faith and service! The reading was good. It matched the nature of the book.

(5 stars)

Excellent! I’m looking to read the latter version, “Harriet, the Moses of Her People,” written by Bradford in 1886.

(5 stars)

Amazing witness to a life of struggle well lived and may I say Divinely guided.

(5 stars)

a very encouraging book of such a great hero

Nice reading.

(5 stars)

a great story read well.