First World War: New Perspectives

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University of Oxford Podcasts


The Historian and the Centenary 22:24 Read by Pierre Purseigle
Rethinking British Volunteerism in 1914: A Rush to the Colours? 12:43 Read by Catriona Pennell
The Indian Sepoy in the First World War 19:03 Read by Santanu Das
Surplus Women 15:16 Read by Rosemary Wall
The Better Part of Valour 20:18 Read by Edward Madigan
Conflict Culture 13:15 Read by Matthew Leonard
Morality in Wartime Britain 19:28 Read by Edward Madigan
Wartime Art and Grief 14:07 Read by Claudia Siebrecht
Popular fiction in World War One 15:49 Read by Jane Potter
The Sandwich that Sabotaged Civilisation 25:33 Read by Dr Paul Miller
Soldiers on Leave 13:51 Read by Emmanuelle Cronier
Les Permissionnaires 12:23 Read by Emmanuelle Cronier
Shot at Dawn 7:30 Read by Chloe Dewe Matthews