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Media, Conflict and Democracy in Africa 1:06:45 Read by Catherine Gichuru, Winston Mano, Nic Cheeseman, Alexandra Reza and David Levy
African Studies and OCAF Seminar: Staying Out of Place: The Dialectics of Being … 51:25 Read by Simon Turner
African Studies and Horn of Africa Seminar: South Sudan Crisis Roundtable 59:44 Read by Jason Mosley, Annette Weber, Douglas Johnson, Peter Biar Ajak and Ahmed al-Shahi
'Live Dangerously Brothers': Liberia's Ex-Combatants and their place in the post… 52:53 Read by Danny Hoffman
What are friends for? Friendship and Public life in the post colony: African Stu… 1:16:25 Read by Wale Adebanwi
Transitional justice in the Somali setting 35:28 Read by Markus Hoehne
State-building in Somali Studies: Future framework 25:47 Read by Mohamed Ingiriis
Insider-outsider and gendered dynamics for Somali researchers in Somalia 17:32 Read by Siham Rayale
The evolving role of Islamist groups in Somali politics 19:37 Read by Mohammed al-Hadi
Crisis and displacement; different solutions for different kinds of displaced 22:35 Read by Laura Hammond
Growing up in the New South Africa 1:18:49 Read by Rachel Bray
The return of garrison rule in the Ethiopian Ogaden, 2006-2012 1:00:16 Read by Tobias Hagmann
Human rights in Africa: opportunities and challenges 40:32 Read by Navi Pillay
The ANC in Exile 31:23 Read by Stephen Ellis
'Now we are all workers.' The remaking of marginality on the streets of Addis Ab… 44:41 Read by Marco Di Nunzio
The British Army and Mau Mau, 1952-56 1:00:28 Read by Huw Bennett
2012 Annual African Studies lecture. Diaspora and Spiritual Awakening: Religion … 51:13 Read by Emmanuel Akyeampong
Surviving on the Margins: Youth and the Underground Oil Economy in the Niger Del… 54:13 Read by Paul Ugor
Somalia after the London Meeting: How Much Difference Does a Day Make? 44:37 Read by Laura Hammond
Squatter movements in the Vaal Triangle 35:07 Read by Noor Nieftagodien
Buganda Nationalism in the 21st Century 45:51 Read by Florence Brisset-Foucault
Kenya's Somalia Invasion: Security, Development and Humanitarian Assistance in E… 53:59 Read by David Anderson
The Legitimation of Criminal Justice in Post-Genocide Rwanda: international, nat… 42:22 Read by Nikki Palmer
The Politics of Ethnicity in Ethiopia: Actors, Power and Mobilisation under Ethn… 39:48 Read by Louise Aalen
Who Killed Dag Hammarskjöld? The UN, the Cold War, and White Supremacy in Africa 41:51 Read by Susan Williams
The Killing Fields: The Impact of the Global Arms Trade on Africa 1:00:36 Read by Andrew Feinstein
Zimbabwe's Fast Track Land Reform: Politics, Production and Accumulation 44:55 Read by Phillan Zamchiya
Potency and the Role of the Environment in KhoeSan medicine 31:04 Read by Chris Low
African Local Knowledge: Natural, Biomedical and Supernatural Ideas about Livest… 26:45 Read by Karen Brown and William Beinart
Power, Ambition and Ideas in the political career of Apartheid Prime Minister H … 45:57 Read by Jonny Steinberg
The Ecology of Conflict: Human-Wildlife Conflict on the Hwange National Park Bou… 18:13 Read by Andrew Loveridge
Climate Change and Conflict in Sudan: what if development is not the answer to s… 18:40 Read by Harry Verhoeven
Ethnic violence, water scarcity and managing resources to promote peace 23:30 Read by Karen Witsenberg
Cruising through Uncertainty: Mobile Phone Practices and the Politics of Respect… 46:26 Read by Julie Archambault
ORENGA Special Lecture - Fashola's Lagos: the man, the method, the megacity 27:11 Read by Babatunde Fashola
Witchcraft and the Colonial Life of the Fetish (African History and Politics Sem… 50:02 Read by Florence Bernault
'Rubber Will Not Keep in this Country' - Failed Development in Benin, 1897-1921 … 56:09 Read by James Fenske
The Politics of Legal Pluralism: the Case of Community Policing in Mozambique an… 59:32 Read by Helene Maria Kyed
Worldliness, Citiness, Postcolonial Life and Thinking from the South 46:43 Read by Achille Mbembe
'City, Art, Motion: Rethinking the "Now" in Johannesburg' (Annual Lecture 2011) 46:20 Read by Sarah Nuttal
Ethnicity, Power and Kinship. Female Chiefs in Tanzania, 1870-1940 1:01:08 Read by Heike Schmidt
Pan-African Solidarity in the Central African Federation, 1953-1963 (African His… 55:31 Read by Zoe Grove
How to Build a Successful Opposition Party in Africa (African History and Politi… 58:33 Read by Michael Sata
Women, Sports and Societies in Colonial and Postcolonial Africa (African History… 44:06 Read by John Nauright
Support Democracy Abroad: The Record in Africa 42:54 Read by Thomas Carothers
The Fischer Lecture: Human Rights and the Law in South Africa (African Studies S… 1:29:17 Read by George Bizos
Politics and Genocide: Rwanda (African Studies Seminar) 1:07:46 Read by Omar McDoom
Encountering Islam in Eastern African: Transnational History and Imperialism, c.… 53:45 Read by David Anderson
The case of the slave ship Progresso: the Royal Navy, the trans-Atlantic slave t… 52:03 Read by Patrick Harries
Dambisa Moyo Lecture (African History and Politics Seminar) 42:16 Read by Dambisa Moyo
100 Years of 'Struggle' Between the Polity and the Market in South Africa (Afric… 46:00 Read by Jesmond Blumenfeld
20 Years of Multi-Partyism in Kenya (African Studies Seminar) 1:30:32 Read by David Anderson, Nic Cheeseman, Gabrielle Lynch, Leigh Gardner, Lillian Cherotich, Edward Clay, Michela Wrong and John Githongo
Development as an Alien Culture: the purposes of governance in South Africa 39:56 Read by Jonny Steinberg
Islam, the ‘Originaires’ and the making of the public space in a colonial city: … 52:50 Read by Mamadou Diouf
Detective Fictions: In Pursuit of Sovereignty in the Postcolony 52:25 Read by Jean Comaroff