October Vagabonds

Read by Roger Melin

(3.6 stars; 7 reviews)

Richard and his friend Colin must sadly return from their distant hermitage to New York City at summer's end. However, rather than take the train on the 430 mile trip to the city, the two decide to walk the route, for as Richard stated: "Don't you hate the idea of being hurled along in a train, and suddenly shot into the city again, like a package through a tube?" Certainly a lengthy walk it would be, but the two decide that the trip itself can be the most rewarding, and their trek begins. Along the way, they meet people they never would have met; they witness landscape, nature and habitat which they wouldn't have otherwise seen; and they learn about themselves and their place in the world which they may not have otherwise comprehended. A clever travelogue of two artistic types from first person point of view. - Summary by Roger Melin (3 hr 13 min)


Chapters 1-4 21:00 Read by Roger Melin
Chapters 5-8 27:12 Read by Roger Melin
Chapters 9-12 37:53 Read by Roger Melin
Chapters 13-16 47:03 Read by Roger Melin
Chapters 17-20 31:42 Read by Roger Melin
Chapters 21-24 & Envoi 29:05 Read by Roger Melin


(1 stars)

it just seemed to say a whole bunch of nothing. ok, poems. from time to time to time it stated what was going on. I didn't have the patience tonight to figure it out.

One to return to

(5 stars)

His work transports you to another time and place. The reader has become a favourite of mine.