The Adventures of Chatterer the Red Squirrel (version 3)

Read by Jude Somers

(4.7 stars; 104 reviews)

Chatterer the Red Squirrel finds himself in trouble again and is forced to abandon his old home. As the search for a new home begins, Chatterer's curiosity gets the better of him and a moment of carelessness causes him to stumble into a far different home than he ever imagined. This book is Thornton W. Burgess at his best as he captures the personalities and behaviors of the animals in the Green Forest delightfully well and tells a story of mischievousness and unexpected friendship. - Summary by Jill Engle (1 hr 42 min)



(5 stars)

I'm So impressed with the reader and the book!!!!!!!


(5 stars)

I really like all of the Burgess animal books,but this is one of my favorites! Great reader too!But I think that some of the chapters are out of order, but overall,it is a good book.

(5 stars)

More of Thornton W. Burgess books that are awesome!!!! I loved the reader!! And the book was infinity amazing!!!!! I liked the part of Red tailed the hawk and the tail feathers!!!!!

excellent reader

(5 stars)

Jude Somers is one of our favorite readers! My kids love the Burgess Animal books and this is no exception.

Chatterer runs for his life

(4 stars)

THe beginning of the first tale: Chatterer runs for his life "Chatterer the Red Squirrel had been scolding because there was no excitement. He had even tried to make some excitement by waking Bobby Coon and making him so angry that Bobby had threatened to eat him alive. It had been great fun to dance around and call Bobby names and make fun of him. Oh, yes, it had been great fun. You see, he knew all the time that Bobby couldn't catch him if he should try. But now things were[Pg 2] different. Chatterer had all the excitement that he wanted. Indeed, he had more than he wanted. The truth is, Chatterer was running for his life, and he knew it. It is a terrible thing, a very terrible thing to have to run for one's life. Peter Rabbit knows all about it. He has run for his life often. Sometimes it has been Reddy Fox behind him, sometimes Bowser the Hound, and once or twice Old Man Coyote. Peter has known that on his long legs his life has depended, and more than once a terrible fear has filled his heart. But Peter has also known that if he could reach the old stone wall or the dear Old Briar-patch first, he would be safe, and he always has reached it. So when he has been running with that terrible fear in his heart, there has always been hope there, too." (...)


(5 stars)

I love this book soooooo much most the last part BC he is not afraide of farmer Brown's boy and the last part is so sweet I love to hear it 😄😃😀😄😃🤗🤭😚☺☺

(4 stars)

I think one of the chapters might be out of order! The story and the narration were great.

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(5 stars)

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