Rainbow Gold: Poems Old and New Selected for Boys and Girls

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

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This collection of poems, selected by Sara Teasdale, a talented poet in her own right, is made to appeal to children, both girls and boys. They are not poems about children, but for children. Neither does this mean that they are childish, but rather that they capture the imagination of children both in subject matter and the richness of the lyrical language of the poems themselves. They range through the great classical poets from Milton to Poe, in all of their variety and vigor. What child could not be captivated by Blake’s, The Tiger, or enchanted by Lanier’s Song of the Chattahoochee? Here in these verses, we all are children. -summary by Larry Wilson

(3 hr 27 min)


Prefatory Note 7:11 Read by BettyB
Kubla Khan: A Vision in a Dream 3:20 Read by Larry Wilson
Meg Merrilies 1:45 Read by Jason in Panama
Berries 2:22 Read by avocado
Romance 1:25 Read by Alitheia
Hymn of Pan 2:27 Read by Jason in Panama
Written in March 1:05 Read by Kangaroo
''When the Hounds of Spring'' 2:56 Read by Carol
Song 0:40 Read by Kangaroo
Under the Greenwood Tree 1:01 Read by Jason in Panama
To Violets 0:51 Read by Jason in Panama
On May Morning 1:07 Read by Kangaroo
The Leprecaun or Fairy Shoemaker 2:57 Read by BettyB
Hunting Song 1:58 Read by Jason in Panama
The Lady of Shalott 7:45 Read by Larry Wilson
Hymn to Diana 1:31 Read by Jason in Panama
The Song of Wandering Aengus 1:52 Read by Carol
The Shepherd to His Love 1:43 Read by Larry Wilson
Robin Hood and the Butcher 5:31 Read by Kalynda
A Sea Song 1:22 Read by Larry Wilson
Epitaph on a Hare 2:18 Read by Felicity12
The Pilgrim 1:30 Read by Kangaroo
Lullaby for Titania 1:26 Read by Twinkle
Israfel 2:31 Read by BettyB
Jaffar 2:46 Read by Nemo
A Song of Sherwood 3:43 Read by BettyB
The Destruction of Sennacherib 2:00 Read by Larry Wilson
Ivry 4:56 Read by BettyB
The Tiger 1:27 Read by Larry Wilson
The Terrible Robber Men 1:14 Read by Carol
Sir Patrick Spens 4:32 Read by Sonia
''Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind'' 1:34 Read by Kangaroo
The Pied Piper of Hamelin (A Child's Story) 15:41 Read by Ian King
''Time, You Old Gipsy Man'' 1:37 Read by Carol
The Solitary Reaper 1:55 Read by Ian King
My Lost Youth 3:26 Read by Ian King
Battle-Hymn of the Republic 2:17 Read by Kangaroo
Gathering Song of Donald Dhu 1:48 Read by Sonia
The Minstrel-Boy 1:20 Read by Kangaroo
Bannockburn (Robert Bruce's Address to His Army) 1:36 Read by Sonia
Fable 1:05 Read by BettyB
Good Hours 1:25 Read by Carol
Winter 1:25 Read by Kangaroo
A Chanted Calendar 1:29 Read by Kathleen Moore
The Cloud 4:11 Read by Kathleen Moore
Bugle Song 1:32 Read by Kathleen Moore
The Forsaken Merman 5:58 Read by Kathleen Moore
Nurse's Song 1:00 Read by Kathleen Moore
To a Mouse 2:25 Read by Kathleen Moore
The Fairies 2:33 Read by Efia Tora
La Belle Dame Sans Merci 3:20 Read by Carol
Spring 1:27 Read by Kangaroo
''I Wandered Lonely'' 1:43 Read by Kangaroo
The Gay Gos-Hawk 6:01 Read by BettyB
An Old Song of Fairies 2:15 Read by BettyB
Moon Folly (The Song of Conn the Fool) 2:45 Read by Carol
Star-Talk 1:59 Read by BettyB
Jim Jay 1:10 Read by BettyB
The Ghosts of the Buffaloes 5:11 Read by BettyB
A Christmas Carol 1:43 Read by Larry Wilson
Escape at Bedtime 1:09 Read by Evan Smith
Song of the Chattahoochee 3:22 Read by Carol
Sea Fever 1:23 Read by Larry Wilson
''O Captain! My Captain!'' 2:09 Read by Larry Wilson
The Snow 1:52 Read by thestorygirl
A Song for My Mother: Her Hands 2:13 Read by Carol
The Fountain 1:20 Read by Efia Tora
Nature's Friend 1:17 Read by Efia Tora
Tree-Toad 1:34 Read by BettyB
An Ancient Christmas Carol 1:12 Read by Carol
An Old Christmas Carol 1:23 Read by BettyB
King John and the Abbot of Canterbury 6:11 Read by BettyB
The Sands of Dee 1:48 Read by Carol
Sister Awake! (Old English Song) 0:58 Read by Kalynda
The Skeleton in Armor 6:16 Read by Sonia
By Bendemeer's Stream 1:43 Read by Carol
A Prayer 1:17 Read by Larry Wilson
Young Lochinvar 3:42 Read by Nemo
Off the Ground 3:18 Read by BettyB
Auld Daddy Darkness 1:52 Read by Sonia


(4.5 stars)

Thank you, readers. I especially like Carol/Rosehip's reading.