A Budget of Christmas Tales

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This is a 1895 collection of christmas-themed short stories and poems by various authors, Charles Dickens himself being the most prominent feature. - Summary by Carolin (10 hr 18 min)


A Christmas Carol, Stave One 31:31 Read by Larry Wilson
Stave Two 25:46 Read by Larry Wilson
Stave Three 31:33 Read by Larry Wilson
Stave Four 27:02 Read by Larry Wilson
Stave Five 11:51 Read by Larry Wilson
The Christmas Babe 1:45 Read by Larry Wilson
A Western Cristmas in the Old Days 17:29 Read by Debbie R. Baker Robinson
Joe's Search for Santa Claus 10:09 Read by Greg Giordano
Angela's Christmas 29:03 Read by Corinne Clayton
The First Puritan Christmas Tree 6:47 Read by Garth Burton
The First Christmas in New England 4:00 Read by BettyB
The Chimes, First Quarter 45:24 Read by Christi Lupher
Second Quarter 34:41 Read by Christi Lupher
Third Quarter 16:28 Read by Christi Lupher
Fourth Quarter 41:59 Read by Christi Lupher
Billy's Santa Claus Experience 5:24 Read by Garth Burton
Christmas in Poganuc 46:18 Read by Kathy Wright
The Christmas Princess 40:11 Read by Mary Jane Conlon
Widow Townsend's Visitor 22:19 Read by Glennie Junkin
The Old Man's Christmas 33:17 Read by Greg Giordano
The Christmas Goblins 8:17 Read by LayoLivro
The Song of the Star 16:27 Read by Greg Giordano
Indian Pete's Christmas Gift 21:20 Read by Tim Watkins
My Christmas Dinner 16:49 Read by BettyB
The Poor Traveler 25:54 Read by Kathleen Moore
The Legend of the Christmas Tree 5:14 Read by BettyB
The Peace Egg 41:42 Read by Linette Geisel


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