The Adventures of a Nature Guide

Read by Sue Anderson

(4.7 stars; 11 reviews)

Enos Mills (1870-1922 ), naturalist and conservationist, was instrumental in the creation of Rocky Mountain National Park. Like his mentor John Muir, Mills was an intrepid solitary high country rambler, as well as an accomplished Colorado mountain guide. There are mountain tales aplenty in "Adventures of a Nature Guide." At one point, Mills climbs Long's Peak alone in a gale with winds topping 170 mph., "carried away with the wild, elemental eloquence of the storm." Near the summit, the wind is so fierce he cannot make headway, so he concludes to "reverse ends." "Putting a shoulder against a rock point, I allowed the wind to push my legs around. This . . . enabled me to brace effectively with my feet, and also to hang on more securely with my hands. . . There was no climbing; the wind sucked, dragged, pushed, and floated me ever upward." Summary by Sue Anderson. (7 hr 30 min)


Dedication and Preface 4:28 Read by Sue Anderson
Snow-Blinded on the Summit 32:43 Read by Sue Anderson
Waiting in the Wilderness 37:10 Read by Sue Anderson
Winter Mountaineering 32:39 Read by Sue Anderson
Trees at Timberline 26:12 Read by Sue Anderson
Wind-Rapids on the Heights 25:24 Read by Sue Anderson
The Artic Zone of High Mountains 18:42 Read by Sue Anderson
Naturalist Meets Prospector 18:46 Read by Sue Anderson
The White Cyclone 15:09 Read by Sue Anderson
Lightening and Thunder 26:43 Read by Sue Anderson
Landmarks 25:28 Read by Sue Anderson
Children of My Trail School 50:22 Read by Sue Anderson
A Day With a Nature Guide 24:05 Read by Sue Anderson
Play and Pranks of Wild Folk 20:59 Read by Sue Anderson
Censored Natural History News 22:31 Read by Sue Anderson
Harriet--Little Mountain Climber 19:46 Read by Sue Anderson
The Evolution of Nature Guiding 26:40 Read by Sue Anderson
The Development of a Woman Guide 23:06 Read by Sue Anderson



(5 stars)

Thank you, Sue, for your wonderful contributions. I enjoyed this book a lot, and it was a nice follow up to the books I have listen to by John Muir. Keep up the great work.


(5 stars)

I have to say, Enos Mills was an amazing person. I can’t say that I entirely believed all of his adventures, but they certainly were interesting. The book is divided into two parts. The first part describes a series of adventures the author had exploring mountainous regions. The second part contains a series of essays on nature, education and nature guiding. I listened to the book during the night so I’m sure there were sections I would have found boring in daytime hours. But otherwise I thought his ideas were amazingly modern and pertinent even today. I was especially impressed by his ideas on education, and agree with him on the necessity for people to connect with nature. Overall a terrific read with a great narrator.

(5 stars)

Charming and educational. Great reader too.

Enjoyed the story and the reader!

(5 stars)