Celebrated Crimes, Vol. 4: Part 3: Nisida

Read by John Van Stan

(4.5 stars; 21 reviews)

This story details the many crimes (attempted rape, assault, filicide, etc.) surrounding a significant historical confrontation between a fisherman from the island of Nisida, named Gabriel, and the Italian Prince of Brancaleone. Dumas notes that "the details of this case are recorded in the archives of the Criminal Court at Naples." - Summary by jvanstan (1 hr 29 min)


Section 1 33:10 Read by John Van Stan
Section 2 34:59 Read by John Van Stan
Section 3 21:05 Read by John Van Stan



(5 stars)

The poor never obtain justice against the high and the mighty.

a tale of injustice

(5 stars)

well read. easy to listen to. clear. a sad story of family love, the hautiness of station and the triumph of love.


(5 stars)

my goodness ..... what a tale! Great reading..... Great job.