Short Story Collection Vol. 015

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(4.3 stars; 25 reviews)

LibriVox’s Short Story Collection 015: a collection of 10 short works of fiction in the public domain read by a variety of LibriVox members. (4 hr 7 min)


The Angel of the Odd 21:58 Read by Arouet
Aunt Cynthia's Persian Cat 22:49 Read by Missie
The Bottle Imp 1:00:58 Read by Dan Graves
Die Sphinx 12:54 Read by Christoph Duda
A Fight With a Cannon 20:24 Read by Arouet
The Hurrying of Ludovic 19:30 Read by Clarica
Melinda's Humorous Story 19:28 Read by Betsie Bush
The Red Etin 12:36 Read by Marianne Alexander
The Stick-In-The-Muds 44:53 Read by Debra Lynn
The Wedding 12:16 Read by Lucy Burgoyne (1950 - 2014)


(5 stars)

stick in the mud is one of the best!

(3 stars)

why would you choose to read a story in a very heavy dialect if the intention is for people to be able to understand it worldwide. I'm sure the story rendered in German is edifying to those lucky people who speak this wonderful language.