Master Humphrey's Clock

Read by Hamlet

(3.8 stars; 10 reviews)

Between April of 1840 and December of the following year, Charles Dickens published Master Humphrey's Clock - a weekly periodical that presented short stories ostensibly read by the title character and his circle of friends - as well as correspondence to the fictional club. Ultimately, the periodical included the complete novels "The Old Curiosity Club" and "Barnaby Rudge." These two novels are, however, referenced in the recording, when Master Humphrey and his friends refer to them. This recording presents all the published material except for the two novels. - Summary by Brad "Hamlet" Filippone (4 hr 50 min)


Minor work, well read

(4.5 stars)

A minor work by Dickens, but not without its moments, and very ably read.