Read by Simon Evers

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Leonora Stanway is 40 and lives a comfortable middle-class life with her unsympathetic and dull husband, John. Her three daughters are rapidly growing up and away and she regrets that her life has become dull, domesticated and meaningless. Arthur Twemlow, the son of John’s former business partner, blows into Leonora’s life and that of her family. Meanwhile, old Uncle Meshach has re-written his will . . . . - Summary by Simon Evers (7 hr 47 min)


Chapter 1 42:38 Read by Simon Evers
Chapter 2 35:16 Read by Simon Evers
Chapter 3 35:38 Read by Simon Evers
Chapter 4 29:24 Read by Simon Evers
Chapter 5 40:46 Read by Simon Evers
Chapter 6 41:50 Read by Simon Evers
Chapter 7 38:12 Read by Simon Evers
Chapter 8 36:40 Read by Simon Evers
Chapter 9 50:20 Read by Simon Evers
Chapter 10 55:54 Read by Simon Evers
Chapter 11 30:07 Read by Simon Evers
Chapter 12 30:50 Read by Simon Evers


I agree

(0 stars)

I'm a big fan of Simon Evers and think him an excellent reader. This is not a TECHNICALLY good recording. The microphone wasn't working correctly and the poor quality of the recording makes the story very difficult to follow. This is not a criticism of Simon Evers--just his microphone. ;) Thank you for your excellent work on your many previous recordings Mr Evers.

problem with the microphone?

(1 stars)

I'm having a hard time understanding the words - partly due to the reader's accent but mostly it's as if some of the words get chopped off - as if the microphone isn't picking up everything. I'm very disappointed b/c I enjoy Arnold Bennett's stories.


(0.5 stars)

The recording quality is so bad that you can barely hear one word out of three. Seems like a good story. Hopefully Mr Evers will reread

Poor audio quality

(1 stars)

This transcription ruined by awful audio quality.

interesting but odd story

(5 stars)

SE is a very excellent reader. I would have gotten impatient with the characters if I'd been reading this book on my own but he carries you along in the story and you extend empathy to them because he does in his reading.