A Captivity of Nearly Three Years Among the Savages of Nootka Sound

Read by Sue Anderson

(4.5 stars; 122 reviews)

John Jewitt (1783-1821), a blacksmith by trade, spent the years 1803-1806 as a slave among the Nuu-chah-nulth people of Nootka Sound, off the Pacific Coast of Vancouver Island, Canada, after the trading vessel on which he served as armorer was attacked and its crew murdered by the native tribal chief Maquinna. Maquinna spared Jewitt's life on condition that the Jewitt would be his slave, would repair his muskets and make daggers, knives, and fishing gear for him. Jewitt's memoir is a considered a major source of information about the customs of the indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest.
- Summary by Sue Anderson (5 hr 40 min)


A Blacksmith by Trade 15:48 Read by Sue Anderson
As Armorer on the Ship "Boston" 13:42 Read by Sue Anderson
Crew Murdered by King Maquinna 18:50 Read by Sue Anderson
One Man Found Alive in the Hold 19:57 Read by Sue Anderson
The Ship Burns; Starts a Journal 21:19 Read by Sue Anderson
The Village of Nootka 21:55 Read by Sue Anderson
Cooking, Dress, and Decoration 19:58 Read by Sue Anderson
Canoes, Songs, Slavery 16:55 Read by Sue Anderson
Neighboring Tribes 21:12 Read by Sue Anderson
Winter Quarters 19:57 Read by Sue Anderson
Ceremonial Tests of Fortitude 20:35 Read by Sue Anderson
Haunted by the Ghosts of Murdered Sailors 21:51 Read by Sue Anderson
Nootka Goes to War 23:22 Read by Sue Anderson
Jewitt Forced to Marry and Adopt Native Dress 21:54 Read by Sue Anderson
Jewitt Rejects His Native Wife 18:20 Read by Sue Anderson
Rescue! 33:11 Read by Sue Anderson
Home to Boston via Macau and Canton 11:29 Read by Sue Anderson


an interesting journal

(4.5 stars)

An look into a culture and time period from the perspective of a sailor trying to stay alive. It is exciting at times but on the whole more of a descriptive nature and written at the level one would expect from a young man keeping a journal. It’s worth a listen.

interesting. I enjoyed it.

(3 stars)

We went to China.... but not talking about that this time around. Did he have son? food is eaten in oil... :)

Wonderful and entertaining account

(5 stars)

A rare and detailed story of an early interaction between the natives of Vancouver Island and British traders.

excellent and accurate

(5 stars)

well read story about an indigenous tribe and the slavery of a European sailor with high industrial intelligence.

(5 stars)

Absolutely amazing story with a deep insight into the culture and customs of an indigenous people.

(5 stars)

One of those stories that they couldn’t fit into the normal history class. Well done 👍

Great story, short ending

(4.5 stars)

Though the ending is held very short, highly interesting and well read.

(4 stars)

well written. a real eye opening history of another time and place. well read