The Jack-Knife Man

Read by Roger Melin

(4.8 stars; 47 reviews)

A lighthearted tale which revolves around old Peter Lane, who lives in a houseboat on the Mississippi River and mostly whiles away his time whittling with his jack-knife and not really doing much else. That is, until one night, a sickly woman knocks at his boat door holding her son in her arms. This encounter would change Peter's life, as the old man befriends little Buddy and is determined to keep him and raise him as his own, provided he is able to keep a host of others from laying claim to the orphan.

(Note - While the online text for this book appears that there is no chapter 7, no chapters have been omitted from this recording.) - Summary by Roger Melin (5 hr 46 min)


The Jack-Knife Man 26:09 Read by Roger Melin
Peter's Guests 10:53 Read by Roger Melin
Peter Lodges Out 20:39 Read by Roger Melin
The Scarlet Woman 28:51 Read by Roger Melin
Buddy Steers the Boat 28:40 Read by Roger Melin
'Booge' 28:30 Read by Roger Melin
Rivals 19:18 Read by Roger Melin
Peter Gives Warning 10:35 Read by Roger Melin
A Violent Incident 11:51 Read by Roger Melin
Peter Hears News 17:15 Read by Roger Melin
The Return of 'Old Kazoozer' 9:13 Read by Roger Melin
Aunt Jane 31:30 Read by Roger Melin
A Ray of Hope 14:07 Read by Roger Melin
An Encounter 19:07 Read by Roger Melin
Jail Uncles 15:06 Read by Roger Melin
Funny Cats 16:53 Read by Roger Melin
More Funny Cats 19:42 Read by Roger Melin
Peter Goes to Town 9:56 Read by Roger Melin
Peter Gets His Clock 8:12 Read by Roger Melin


(5 stars)

Delightful story, with some serious messages underlying it. Gives a glimpse of the shantyboat culture of the Mississippi River and its tributaries during the Great Depression of the 1930s, which was entirely new to me! Narrator was a joy to hear.

(5 stars)

I’ve listened to hundreds of books on LibriVox. ( thank you LibriVox and all the volunteers!). This heartwarming story is one of the best. Very well written and read. Thank you Roger Melin !

(5 stars)

I found this novel incredibly entertaining. The twists and turns and highs and lows kept me riveted to it. such a quaint story and full of ambiance. highly recommend it.

sweet story ..,

(5 stars)

thank you for this tale ... and your precious time . great ending !!

a great listen

(5 stars)

really well read thoroughly enjoyed the book. je

(5 stars)

very good enough storyh thanks Roger thanks Libervox.

Heartwarming story read by the wonderful Roger Melin.

(5 stars)

one of my favorite readers

(3 stars)

Cute story.