Queen Lucia

Read by Martin Clifton

(4.7 stars; 108 reviews)

E. F. Benson was born at Wellington College in Berkshire, where his father, who later went on to become the Archbishop of Canterbury, was the first Headmaster. He wrote 105 books in all.

Queen Lucia (first published in 1920) was the first of Benson’s ‘Mapp and Lucia’ novels of which there were six. This first book is a comedy of manners based in the provincial village of Riseholme, where Emmeline Lucas (the Queen Lucia of the title) presides over the social and artistic universe of the gullible residents. Her aide-de-camp in these matters is the somewhat effete Georgie Pillson and the chief competitor for her ‘crown’ is Daisy Quantock. The scandal of the Guru, the psychical goings on with Princess Popoffski and the arrival into the sleepy village of a famous Prima Donna all conspire to threaten her supremacy… (summary by Martin Clifton) (8 hr 45 min)


Chapter 01 35:39 Read by Martin Clifton
Chapter 02 31:57 Read by Martin Clifton
Chapter 03 25:57 Read by Martin Clifton
Chapter 04 33:54 Read by Martin Clifton
Chapter 05 27:01 Read by Martin Clifton
Chapter 06 42:13 Read by Martin Clifton
Chapter 07 40:27 Read by Martin Clifton
Chapter 08 39:59 Read by Martin Clifton
Chapter 09 23:43 Read by Martin Clifton
Chapter 10 29:43 Read by Martin Clifton
Chapter 11 37:24 Read by Martin Clifton
Chapter 12 44:12 Read by Martin Clifton
Chapter 13 37:39 Read by Martin Clifton
Chapter 14 32:56 Read by Martin Clifton
Chapter 15 31:25 Read by Martin Clifton
Chapter 16 10:56 Read by Martin Clifton


(4.5 stars)

I was interested the entire time so I listened to the whole book instead of sleeping! Lucia is a good character but I wanted to "dethrone" her! I wish Georgie had put her in her place, thrown her aside, & left her in his past though. I hope all the other books become available. Right now Miss Mapp is the only other book in this series on Librivox .

Professional Quality

(5 stars)

This is a pearl in the Librivox collection. It is a great story, and the narrator really brings out the best of it with his excellent accents and dialogue.

Most Enjoyable

(5 stars)

Martin Clifton did an outstanding job reading this wonderful story. E.F. Benson gently pokes fun at the foibles of a small community and its social and cultural conventions, and as we laugh we are reminded that kindness to our neighbor is the one thing that really matters. I have to confess that the first chapter initially seemed a bit tedious and full of pointless details. Don't let that fool you--the characters very quickly come to life in the details, and that is also where a lot of the humor is hidden.

Funny & Charming Story

(5 stars)

Mr. Clifton is an exceptional narrator! It was pure pleasure listening to him. The story revolves around the social life of a small hamlet. Lucia sets the norm and everyone capitulates. However, a new arrival to town challenges Lucia with various new age type charlatans with disastrous and hilarious results. Very enjoyable!

So Much Fun!

(4.5 stars)

Really enjoyed this book ! Exceptional writing & equally exceptional narration ! Wanted to give it 5 stars but the screen would only do 4 1/2. Would give it 10 stars if I could !

Wow Good

(5 stars)

Martin Clifton is one of my favorite readers, and he did a fantastic job with this book. I was sad when it came to an end, and only hope he does the others in the series.

A Little Gem

(4.5 stars)

Thank you, reader, for the excellent job! I fell asleep during some late-night listening but re-listened to what I'd slept through, not wanting to miss any of it!

(5 stars)

Brilliantly read by Martin Clifton who catches every individual cadence of speech in each one of a large cast of characters. Hated for it to end.