Celebrated Crimes, Vol. 8: Part 3: The Marquise de Ganges

Read by John Van Stan

(4.4 stars; 17 reviews)

The assassination of Diane de Joannis de Chateaublanc (the Marquise de Ganges) is a fitting tale to conclude Dumas’ celebrated crimes series. This event was as gruesome as it was brazen and, before the final dagger strokes, both the assassins and the assassinated had become embroiled in high-profile intrigues. As a result, it sent reverberations through common and court societies across Europe for decades. - Summary by jvanstan (2 hr 14 min)


Section 1 21:07 Read by John Van Stan
Section 2 28:45 Read by John Van Stan
Section 3 31:09 Read by John Van Stan
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Even if, as occasionally intimated, some of these stories were a bit sensationalized, their basis in cold fact causes the reader to marvel at the baseness of so many, as well as the cruelly acts committed so casually. These narratives underscore the basic problems presented by a society based on privilege, both civilian and ecclesiastical. The narration by John Van Stan is perfection, and we owe a great debt to him for his tireless efforts.