The Passionate Pilgrim

Read by Caliban

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The Passionate Pilgrim was published by William Jaggard, later the publisher of Shakespeare's First Folio. The first edition survives only in a single fragmentary copy; its date cannot be fixed with certainty since its title page is missing, though many scholars judge it likely to be from 1599, the year the second edition appeared with the attribution to Shakespeare.

This version of The Passionate Pilgrim, contains 15 romantic sonnets and short poems. The works contained, while disputed as to authorship, are in this writer's most humble opinion among the best of the age. (Summary by Caliban and Wikipedia) (0 hr 17 min)


When My Love Swears 1:14 Read by Caliban
Two Loves I Have 1:01 Read by Caliban
Did Not the Heavenly Rhetoric of Thine Eye 1:14 Read by Caliban
Sweet Cytheria Sitting By a Brook 1:01 Read by Caliban
If Love Make me Foresworn 1:24 Read by Caliban
Scarce Had the Sun Dried Up the Dewy Morn 1:03 Read by Caliban
Fair is My Love 1:23 Read by Caliban
If Music and Sweet Poetry 1:06 Read by Caliban
Fair Was the Morn 1:02 Read by Caliban
Sweet Rose Fair Flower 1:00 Read by Caliban
Venus With Young Adonis 1:05 Read by Caliban
Crabbed Age and Youth 1:12 Read by Caliban
Beauty is but a Vain and Doubtful Good 1:13 Read by Caliban
Good Night Good Rest 1:05 Read by Caliban
Lord How Mine Eyes Throw Gazes to the East 1:39 Read by Caliban


Is this really the Passionate Pilgrim?

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In the process of reading this work I came on no less than 5 different interpretations of the content of the original folio and what it should contain. Gutenberg itself has two different interpretations of the content and contains two separate versions. One Gutenberg collection eliminates the first two sonnets which are actually variations on Sonnets 138 and 144. Please see Wikipedia's entry for this work for a more detailed discussion. Caliban

Thank you!

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Responding to the other comment - per Wikipedia, there are differing versions with up to 20 poems included, though not all are attributable to Shakespeare. The book of Shakespeare I have included only 13 poems, all of which are included in this collection.

Finally I found you!

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Thank you very much for posting this file.