A to Zed Collection Vol. 001

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A collection of pieces, both fiction and non-fiction, that have as its subject a word beginning with a specific letter of the English alphabet. Subjects can range from coffee to tea, animals to vampires, law to emotions. (6 hr 5 min)


Piffle's A B C Book of Funny Animals 4:22 Read by KevinS
The Blind Spot 13:15 Read by Louise J. Belle
The Right and Wrong Ways to Make Coffee 9:30 Read by KevinS
Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death 9:18 Read by Nemo
Emotional Equilibrium 12:32 Read by ChadH94
A Droll Fox-Trap 12:43 Read by Foon
A Biographical Sketch of the Reverend Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet 35:38 Read by Devorah Allen
The Handy Man 7:33 Read by BettyB
Idleness 7:51 Read by ChadH94
The Jelly-Fish Takes a Journey 8:02 Read by Louise J. Belle
Kin to Sorrow 1:34 Read by Stefan Von Blon
The Lie 7:44 Read by Louise J. Belle
Mr. Malthus's Opinions on Rent 41:45 Read by ChadH94
Nursing Bottles and Nipples 3:55 Read by ChadH94
Observations on Puddings and Pies 18:52 Read by Lynne T
Pardon, oh, pardon, that my soul should make 0:58 Read by ChadH94
The Quantum Jump 24:00 Read by Larry Wilson
The Raft 4:48 Read by April6090
Söul from the City Wall (from Quaint Korea) 31:48 Read by ChadH94
From Tea, its History and Mystery 10:28 Read by KevinS
Unsettled Points of Etiquette 25:50 Read by Lynne T
Varney the Vampire (Chapter One) 21:29 Read by Louise J. Belle
Ulster's Stand for Union 16:25 Read by ChadH94
X Marks the Pedwalk 11:22 Read by Larry Wilson
The Hindu Yogi Science of Breath (Chapter 8) 7:42 Read by realisticspeakers
Zeritsky's Law 16:00 Read by Larry Wilson